And boring.
Thu Dec 13, 2018 20:21

Tatiana was atypically silent as Dorian talked, explaining that she had not really done anything except - be. That the problem was, in fact, that she had spoken Russian, and that Simon was, in Dorian’s opinion, not so much opposed to her speaking Russian because he didn’t understand Russian himself, exactly, as so much because the language she was speaking was just not English.

“But then he dislike you too,” she said slowly. “And this not possible.”

This was more or less facetious, because obviously people could be utterly stupid, as Simon had just demonstrated. However, emotionally, she really could not figure out how anyone could dislike Dorian. Yes, he looked a bit different from most of the rest of them. Yes, he did not speak perfect English or perfect Russian - though his Russian was versts upon versts better than her Chinese, as she’d readily admit. But he was Dorya. He was the ideal person….

Her brow furrowed as she thought, her head half-turning; the thin gold tubes hanging down from the amber buttons in her ears swayed with the movement, the small golden beads at their bases chiming together softly. The amber came from somewhere in the Baltic, probably; they were more similar to Russians than Dorian, but still not Russian. Meanwhile, Papa had bought her two little baroque necklaces for her at the gem show in Hong Kong; the pearls themselves were from Japan, as had been the person Papa bought them from. Japanese people were not like Russian people physically, but - well, what of that? This did not change that Tatiana very much liked her necklace. When Tatiana thought about the rest of the world, she mainly thought of how it had many interesting and pretty things in it; she found the English a bit plain, now that she lived among them all the time, and still liked Russian things best, but Chinese things, for instance, were also beautiful, in their own way. She would not know this if she had taken it into her head to dislike Dorya simply because he was not Russian. And so much of what was Russian had come from Greece and Rome; Katya knew more about that than she did, but she knew something….

“He very boring,” she concluded, glaring in Simon’s direction over Dorian’s shoulder. Another thought occurred to her, though, and her eyes snapped back to her friend. “Katya tells me, Tatiana, do not speak Russian, speak English,” she said abruptly. “Does Nat-aniel say these things to her, to you?” she asked. “He is family to Simon. He says this?”

  • Some people are bafflingDorian, Wed Dec 12 08:45
    Once they were a suitable distance from Simon, Dorian slowed a little. When Tatya began talked he stopped. He turned gripping her shoulders and making sure she was looking at him properly. “You did... more
    • And boring. — Tatiana, Thu Dec 13 20:21
      • And meanDorian, Fri Dec 14 09:22
        Dorian felt like his heart had just melted when Tatya declared the impossibility of anyone disliking him. He knew she tended towards hyperbole in her speech, but it still was such a sweet thought -... more
        • And not smart.Tatiana, Tue Dec 18 16:25
          Tatiana relaxed as Dorian explained that Nathaniel Mordue could go another day without facing her wrath. She nodded absently at the comment that brothers could be very different. “This true,” she... more
          • We're well shot of them thenDorian, Fri Dec 21 16:12
            “Ya ponimayu,” Dorian nodded. Tatya’s explanation was not only laced with Russian but also analogy, and it was clear she was struggling to find words in a language that they shared to explain the... more
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