And mean
Fri Dec 14, 2018 09:22

Dorian felt like his heart had just melted when Tatya declared the impossibility of anyone disliking him. He knew she tended towards hyperbole in her speech, but it still was such a sweet thought - so sweet, and so very innocent of her - to presume that it was not possible to dislike him. He felt so grateful to have her as a friend.

“Spasibo. Ty khoroshaya sestra,” he smiled at her. “But sadly it is possible. Simon is… he is not the first one I find like this,” he sighed, shrugging the issue off. The important thing was how Tatya and his friends saw him. He had wonderful people in his life who liked him.

“Yes, I think so too,” he agreed, when Tatya declared Simon to be boring. The next second though, the softness was gone and Tatya was looking at him sharply again, full of worry - the source of which soon became apparent.

“No. Never. I think… not judge people about what their brothers be like. Brothers can be very different,” he added pointedly. His references to Matthieu were few and far between but all of his friends knew that the two of them had little in common. “Never to me. And.. I cannot imagine any Teppenpaw to be this way. But Katerina says this… I mean, it is a recent thing for her to be concerned this way, or always she has told you do like this or not like this - maybe not for speaking Russian, but it is her nature to worry for you?”

  • And boring.Tatiana, Thu Dec 13 20:21
    Tatiana was atypically silent as Dorian talked, explaining that she had not really done anything except - be. That the problem was, in fact, that she had spoken Russian, and that Simon was, in... more
    • And mean — Dorian, Fri Dec 14 09:22
      • And not smart.Tatiana, Tue Dec 18 16:25
        Tatiana relaxed as Dorian explained that Nathaniel Mordue could go another day without facing her wrath. She nodded absently at the comment that brothers could be very different. “This true,” she... more
        • We're well shot of them thenDorian, Fri Dec 21 16:12
          “Ya ponimayu,” Dorian nodded. Tatya’s explanation was not only laced with Russian but also analogy, and it was clear she was struggling to find words in a language that they shared to explain the... more
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