Topaz Brockert
Adding in my two cents
Fri Dec 14, 2018 18:06

One might not think that Topaz would be interested in attending the get-together that Sylvia Mordue was putting on. A bunch of pureblood girls drinking coffee and talking about trivial topics like fashion wasn't really something that appealed to her much. However, she knew it would not go well if she offended Miss Mordue. Mother might even care and not be happy with her.

More importantly though, Topaz knew full well that Allegra would not want her there and it would really get under her skin to have the Aladren hanging around her and her friends. Her cousin generally tried to avoid her like the plague so this would mean she would have to be around Topaz more often, something she clearly did not want to do. That right there was a good reason to attend, being able to terrorize her cousin. Just Topaz's mere presence would bother her.

She entered the room and smirked as she noticed Allegra looking unsettled at her presence before welcoming Katerina Vorontsov. Was the Crotalus going to try ignoring her and pretending she wasn't there? Like Topaz would ever allow that to happen! The Aladren addressed Sylvia. "Thank you for inviting me, Miss Mordue."

Forgetting her cousin completely, Topaz nodded in agreement at the comment about roommates. "Mine is the worst! She's not just the wrong sort of person, she's incredibly judgemental and self-righteous. I can't stand her. She actually seems to think she's better than me ." The first year couldn't help but be puzzled by this. Aside from her uncle, who thought all females were inferior-Merlin, she hated him almost as much as she did Ness-nobody treated her that way.

And Topaz was not about to let the other Aladren get away with it. She just had to scar the other girl for life. It wasn't as if she'd never done that to anyone before. Allegra and Sapphire were both nervous wrecks, thanks to her. Although the latter's epilepsy was what caused her to be vacant and dumb and that was not because of Topaz, even though Emerald had accused of her making Sapphire act that way prior to her diagnosis.

Once bland pleasantries had finished being exchanged, they got down to business. Which happened be deciding how decent ladies should behave. Sylvia mentioned being pretty and presentable so Topaz wrote down on piece of parchment.

No ugly girls .

It was incredibly shallow but since it obviously didn't apply to her, she didn't care.

Then Caitlin mentioned that they shouldn't play Quidditch. The Aladren had no objection to this as she'd always thought playing sports was for Neanderthals like Uncle Eustace.

However, Katerina objected. Oooh discord already! Now things were getting good. And Sylvia agreed with the Teppenpaw over her roommate. Topaz wasn't sure why but she knew full well that Sylvia was probably lying through her teeth about Tatiana Vorontsov's taste in jewelry. Well, okay, none of the individual pieces were that bad, but the third year was pretty much a walking jewelry store. What she wore in one day could probably feed starving children in Africa for a year. Either that or Sylvia had similar bad taste and judging by the second year's own jewelry....yeah, she was totally lying.

Then Sylvia mentioned not associating with those who were unsuitable. Topaz thought about not only her roommate but those two Pecaris in her class. The girl had especially bad judgement considering she was friends with Ness. Yeah, no. No, Sylvia was totally totally right about that.

Next, Caitlin decided to try to save face. However, when she made brought up Topaz's roommate, the Aladren couldn't help but agree. Point made. Plus, the logic was sound. It was a club for proper young ladies so someone who acted like, well, a boy the way Ness did, they certainly shouldn't be included. "I agree with Miss Pierce. That type of person not only doesn't act like a lady, they don't treat us with respect either. In addition to my roommate, who acts like she's better than me, there's this dreadful older girl whom my sister just despises for being disrespectful towards her and our entire family."

Topaz went on. "I would also like to add that we should be intelligent. After all, we don't want people to dismiss us as stupid and silly just because we're girls. " It was time, after all, to show people, people like Ness and Uncle Eustace and even Mother and Father that girls were just as good as boys and that it didn't make them lesser beings if they had a modicum of femininity.

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    • Adding in my two cents — Topaz Brockert, Fri Dec 14 18:06
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