And not smart.
Tue Dec 18, 2018 16:25

Tatiana relaxed as Dorian explained that Nathaniel Mordue could go another day without facing her wrath. She nodded absently at the comment that brothers could be very different.

“This true,” she acknowledged. “Ili sestry.” She and Katya proved this to an extent; she could never remember to be good, whereas Katya almost never forgot….

“Katen’ka…Katen’ka is not…worry for me?” She strained her brain to try to think of words in English or French or Chinese or the amount of Russian she thought Dorian would be familiar with which could explain what she meant. “Not like you have in brain – is different. Katya is like malen’kaya ptitsa – cheep, cheep, Mama would not like you to do this-that, Tatya, cheep.” She doubted this was actually clearing anything up. “Amerikanskii do it like this, Tatya, I read it, you must do so – she is always remembers to be good. I, not so,” she finished, dropping the impression of her sister with a shrug, sure Dorian knew this about her already, even if he was far too sweet and polite to ever say it to her face. Teppenpaws, it seemed, were often very, very good, whereas the rest of them…well, it was more varied elsewhere, anyway. “So she remind me. But I do not know if she thinks we must be like Amerikanskii, or if someone tell her this.” Which was an important distinction - there was a world of difference between Katya taking a notion into her head and someone else putting one there for her. This, however, was something she assumed was even more self-evident than how often she forgot to be good.

  • And meanDorian, Fri Dec 14 09:22
    Dorian felt like his heart had just melted when Tatya declared the impossibility of anyone disliking him. He knew she tended towards hyperbole in her speech, but it still was such a sweet thought -... more
    • And not smart. — Tatiana, Tue Dec 18 16:25
      • We're well shot of them thenDorian, Fri Dec 21 16:12
        “Ya ponimayu,” Dorian nodded. Tatya’s explanation was not only laced with Russian but also analogy, and it was clear she was struggling to find words in a language that they shared to explain the... more
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