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Tue Dec 18, 2018 18:52

Tom-boy. This word was evidently important in some way, but Katya was not sure what it meant exactly. Caitlin Pierce kept using it, though, and implying…something….

“I accept it,” said Katya when Caitlin apologized to her. “And I thank you.”

If nothing else, at least, she thought, this little exchange implied that perhaps Katya was not the low woman on the pole – or at least that the hierarchy was not as rigid as she had feared it would be – after all. Of course, Caitlin was still Sylvia’s roommate – but perhaps Sylvia had something on her, to keep her in line? There was no reason for them to want to make an extra effort to include Katya, though, so perhaps they weren’t particularly friends? Unless they thought they did have a reason to make an extra effort? If they did so – they kept talking about Tatiana’s jewels. They did not wear jewels like Tatya’s. Perhaps they thought she and Tatya were very, very important people….

This was exhausting, and definitely not sororial. Katya was glad they had not invited her sister, as Tatiana would have almost certainly lost her patience with it all by now, if she picked up that there were undercurrents to the stream of conversation in the first place. Which, knowing Tatiana, it was entirely possible she would not have. Her sister was undeniably intelligent, but not like a girl was supposed to be. She lacked subtlety even in Russian.

The Aladren Miss Brockert, Topaz (so peculiar to think of someone have a jewel for a name; ‘Topaz’ was the same word in both Russian and English, and so Katya knew very well that the other first year’s name was the same as the stone which Tatiana liked in various shades of blue and which Katya owned several pieces of in pink) spoke up with another idea. Katya nodded. “I agree with this,” she said.

“At home, my mama says ladies must also make good talk,” she added. “And make all in her house feel comfortable, and treat all…with kindness.” She hesitated slightly as she found a way to structure the end of the sentence, but hoped the gap was not too evident to the others.

  • Adding in my two centsTopaz Brockert, Fri Dec 14 18:06
    One might not think that Topaz would be interested in attending the get-together that Sylvia Mordue was putting on. A bunch of pureblood girls drinking coffee and talking about trivial topics like... more
    • Offering input. — Katerina, Tue Dec 18 18:52
      • It seems we all agreeSylvia Mordue, Sat Dec 22 10:05
        Everything was going more smoothly. Caitlin apologised and clarified her point, and everyone seemed to be agreeing with each other. Sylvia rather thought that no tomboys was covered by saying that... more
        • IndeedCaitlin (and a bit of Allegra), Thu Dec 27 20:39
          Caitlin breathed a sigh of relief when Katerina accepted her apology. She supposed she could understand loyalty to one's sibling after all as her brother was the person she was closest to in the... more
          • QuestionTopaz, Thu Dec 27 22:27
            Topaz was happy that Sylvia had accepted her suggestion instead of putting her down like she had Caitlin. Especially considering that her idea had made Caitlin's original suggestion more likely as... more
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