Sylvia Mordue
It seems we all agree
Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:05

Everything was going more smoothly. Caitlin apologised and clarified her point, and everyone seemed to be agreeing with each other. Sylvia rather thought that no tomboys was covered by saying that they had to always be presentable, and rather suspected Caitlin was just trying to cover her misstep. Still, it would be undiplomatic to point that out. She also found the subject of Topaz Brockert’s roommate rather irrelevant. Obviously, if the McLeod parent hadn’t been disowned, then his children would be entirely different people. They might actually be proper instead of being what they were. They wouldn’t even look the same, because they would have had a nice society mother instead of whomever it was they actually had. Nessa McLeod was a mess of a human being precisely because of her father’s ridiculous lifestyle choices. Had he made better choices, he would have a better son and daughter.

“Very well put, good points,” she added in regards to the ideas of them being intelligent and good conversationalists.

“So, we are agreed… Gardenia Girls should be elegant and feminine, should not willingly associate with inappropriate people, should hold intelligent conversation, and act as good hostesses,” she summarised.

“So,” she smiled, profering the little badges to the newcomers, “I’m sure none of that sounds too onerous, does it? And in exchange you know that you’ll always have someone proper to sit with in class or at mealtimes,” she smiled at them, especially Katerina, who had such bad luck with her roommate. Topaz did too but they all seemed to be content with regarding Nessa as non-existent, where possible.

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    • It seems we all agree — Sylvia Mordue, Sat Dec 22 10:05
      • IndeedCaitlin (and a bit of Allegra), Thu Dec 27 20:39
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