Caitlin (and a bit of Allegra)
Thu Dec 27, 2018 20:39

Caitlin breathed a sigh of relief when Katerina accepted her apology. She supposed she could understand loyalty to one's sibling after all as her brother was the person she was closest to in the world and a lot of what she did was to help him succeed and be the heir to the New Hampshire Pierces. Of course, Winston didn't really do anything questionable. Tatiana Vorontsov's Quidditch playing and gaudiness did make Caitlin raise her eyebrows a bit but she really wasn't the same as people like Nessa McLeod or Lily Spencer.

Thank Merlin that everyone seemed to agree with her clarification. Good breeding didn't necessarily equal good behavior and while Nessa had a mother who was nobody, Lily Spencer had zero excuses for how she was and had she not been older than them, they might have had to include her. This was exactly what Caitlin did not want so her rule was necessary.

Topaz suggested intelligence and Katerina suggested being kind and hospitable. The Crotalus felt these were reasonable suggestions. After all, they would never invite the sort of people that Caitlin did not want to have to be pleasant to. Well, she could be polite, a real lady always was, even when dealing with....the wrong sort, but she would prefer not to deal with them so she wouldn't have to be.

She looked over at Allegra, who hadn't spoken or came up with any ideas of what they should be. "Allegra, do you have anything to add?"

Allegra shook her head. "No, I think it's about covered." She said softly as Sylvia offered the pins to Topaz and Katerina. The ones she would have suggested, had she not been afraid of drawing her cousin's attention to herself were basically the same as Katerina had said.

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  • It seems we all agreeSylvia Mordue, Sat Dec 22 10:05
    Everything was going more smoothly. Caitlin apologised and clarified her point, and everyone seemed to be agreeing with each other. Sylvia rather thought that no tomboys was covered by saying that... more
    • Indeed — Caitlin (and a bit of Allegra), Thu Dec 27 20:39
      • QuestionTopaz, Thu Dec 27 22:27
        Topaz was happy that Sylvia had accepted her suggestion instead of putting her down like she had Caitlin. Especially considering that her idea had made Caitlin's original suggestion more likely as... more
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