Thu Dec 27, 2018 22:27

Topaz was happy that Sylvia had accepted her suggestion instead of putting her down like she had Caitlin. Especially considering that her idea had made Caitlin's original suggestion more likely as people who were truly intelligent wouldn't waste their time with sports.

And the others had agreed to it too. Of course, it wasn't as if Allegra was going to speak against her. She knew better. Which Topaz had to grudgingly admit made her cousin reasonably intelligent. Just not as smart as her but then again who was?

Of course, Katerina's suggestion was going to be a little bit more of a challenge for Topaz but surely she must mean the girls who were assembled here as well as boys and older girls who were proper. People that the Aladren couldn't risk offending or tormenting if they weren't closely related to her anyway.

And come to think of it, how was she going to experiment on them if she couldn't "associate" with them? Topaz supposed she could merely do things in secret like slip potions into people's food.

But would that be seen as a prank? She knew she could cover her tracks and, if caught, get away with it because even people who weren't the Headmaster's grandchild got away with pranks. However, Topaz did not want to be thought of as a prankster! Pranksters were immature idiots, she was a genius trying to further the knowledge of wizard kind. She didn't want to be lumped in with common Pecaris like Slimey and Clown Lips.

Topaz took one of the offered badges and pinned it on, giving her cousin a smirk. She was going to be in this organization whether Allegra liked it or not. They would be sitting together, working together, around each other a good deal of the time. It would drive the Crotalus first year crazy. Topaz knew full well that Allegra did not want to be around her.

She did have a question though. "When it comes to working together in class, we have an odd number. I take it whichever of us was left over should work with proper boys. Should we decide which are acceptable?"

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    Caitlin breathed a sigh of relief when Katerina accepted her apology. She supposed she could understand loyalty to one's sibling after all as her brother was the person she was closest to in the... more
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