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Hair dye date (Tag Evelyn)
Sat Mar 9, 2019 04:24

The water room of MARS was designed to mimic any environment in which one found water. Whilst that usually meant bodies of water for swimming on scenery, it seemed it could also mean a room in which water was a prominent functional feature. Such as a hair salon, with those special little sinks that you could tip your head back into from the comfort of a comfy chair to get your hair washed. Ness wondered what the limitations were, given that almost everything contained water. The rooms could not produce food, so testing it by seeing whether it could turn into a room full of cucumbers or lettuces, which were mostly water, was not possible. But like… a puppy. Another human. Could the rooms mimic life in that way anyway, or was that falling into the trap of being impossible for another reason? What about a room with a sink in the corner but not one you really needed? Or a room with… a stack of timber. Timber contained some water. But it was not really watery, not the way something like a cucumber was. Did the thing have to be famed for being water-based, or did the water have to have some kind of functionality for the room to be able/willing to produce it?

That was going to be a fun experiment for another day. Evelyn had entered first today, and was thus controlling their environment, which was probably a good thing given the number of thoughts whizzing through Ness’ brain.

They had both opted to make hair dye in potions - the recipe had said it was wash-in, wash-out, so it was something that was presumably harmless enough to play with, especially with the weekend coming up. And a teacher had let them both make it and remove it from class, which in Ness’ book automatically sanctioned it as appropriate.

Whilst there were other options for hair washing and dyeing, MARS had seemed like the easiest. They weren’t allowed in each other’s dorms after all, and washing their hair in the sinks of the bathrooms around the school sounded awkward. The Quidditch Pitch had showers but they were the full body kind. The kind that involved getting undressed. Which meant showering on their own, which didn’t sound very sociable. Or sounded sociable in a way that was grown up and scary and not about to happen. MARS would let them dye and wash their hair together without awkwardness - be it the awkward angle of bending over a bathroom sink or the awkwardness of needing to get declothed.

“My aunt makes us this stuff for Pride,” Ness commented with a grin, pulling the tub out. “At least, I assume it’s the same stuff. Hers is a bit neater looking.” Getting all the colours in had been pretty tricky. The dye was meant to be able to be mixed in a single cauldron, using a separating spell to stop the colours from merging. Some of the more similar ones had blended together a bit though, and there was the occasional swirl of brown. Still, a vague idea of rainbowness was present.

“How’d yours turn out?”

    • Three of my favorite words! Evelyn Stones, Tue Mar 12 03:39
      Some sub-conscious part of Evelyn's mind had guided the creation of the room she and Ness entered for their adventure. She'd gone to the salon with her mother before, and those were happy memories,... more
      • With one of my favourite pebblesNess, Wed Mar 13 09:22
        Evelyn wanted to come to Pride! That was exciting. Ness had never doubted Evelyn's ability to be absolutely awesome and into all the right things but it was still nice every time it was confirmed.... more
        • And you, my friend, a gem.Evelyn Stones, Thu Mar 14 01:18
          Ness would take her to Pride! That meant they would spend more time together and it wasn't just limited to Sonora time. She wasn't sure what the bi flag stood for, but wasn't sure she wanted to ask,... more
          • And very educationalNess, Sun Mar 17 00:37
            “Nice,” Ness grinned, as Evelyn suggested they would then be bi-brows. That kind of deserved a bi-five. Except to be a bi-five, it had to be going down between two people both of whom identified as... more
            • That's part of why you're special. Evelyn Stones, Wed Mar 20 17:59
              Evelyn considered Ness' words carefully, distracting herself with the warm, wet hair in front of her as she did so. Something about what Ness said resonated with her, but she wasn't sure whether that ... more
              • I like being specialNess, Thu Mar 28 00:49
                Evelyn was quiet for a ling time, and Ness tried not to be worried. Thinking and processing time were totally valid things. Except... what was there to think about? What was complicated abou this?... more
                • You make me feel special, too! Evelyn Stones, Fri Mar 29 00:54
                  Ness' sudden movement startled Evelyn and her nerves came to a head as she mopped water off her front. Somehow, though, they came out in the form of a soft giggle. This was all so silly! She didn't... more
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