Evelyn Stones
Three of my favorite words!
Tue Mar 12, 2019 03:39

Some sub-conscious part of Evelyn's mind had guided the creation of the room she and Ness entered for their adventure. She'd gone to the salon with her mother before, and those were happy memories, exactly the sort to fuel such a place now. Of course, there were no staff members now, but it was clearly a commercial salon. The emptiness of it made it seem more adventurous than it already was, and Evelyn felt giddy. For a moment, she and Ness might've been Muggles, sneaking into an old, abandoned salon to dye their hair with Kool-Aid. Instead, they were full of magic, and so was the world around them. That was pretty special.

"I've never been," Evelyn admitted when Ness mentioned Pride. "I'd love to though," she added, grinning. "I think yours looks good. Mine's blue and pink, which worked out because there's some purple where it mixes." Evelyn held up her own bottle as she spoke and then set it out on the nearest counter top, turning the water on in one of the basins. "The one bit of magic my mom sort of passed on to me was potions, so hopefully I managed to make something that works," she laughed. That thought would've scared her a year ago. When did she become this person? It felt good.

As the water in the hair wash station got warm and cascaded across Evelyn's palm, she had the sudden realization that they would either need to wash their own hair while laying in one of these stations, or wash each other's. The latter sounded much more enjoyable, particularly since one of the best parts of any salon trip was the hair wash and head rub. She turned to Ness to gauge the Aldadren's expression as she asked about it.

"I think it would be sort of fun to help each other. So long as you don't dye my eyebrows or something," she added, smirking mischievously.

Evelyn had left her lipstick and other makeup off for the day, sure that she would just get it smeared if she didn't. She'd taken off her earrings as well, but didn't feel plain anyway. It was so easy to be comfortable here that she didn't need to worry about these things. The room was warm, even in her tank top and shorts, and swirls of magically enhanced steam drifted from the basin as the water heated. The abandoned salon thought really seemed to have taken off, because the mirrors in the room were unlit except the one that Ness and Evelyn would be using, and there was a peaceful quiet about the place.

Evelyn considered Ness as she waited for a reply to come her way, and decided that the room was only really special because of who she came here with. She'd come here with Malikhi and discovered that she was indeed magical. Now she was here with Ness; what would she discover next? She was pretty sure her friend was arguably responsible for the discovery of self-worth that had taken root over the past year, but that was not really all their relationship had done for her.

Evelyn hoped she'd done anything in return. She had the sudden urge to thank Ness with a bouquet of planets, organized in proper astrological order, and an epic that would rival Homer's works. She wanted to offer the secrets of the universe to Ness, this person who would appreciate them so much, and cherish each one like a butterfly kiss, holding them on a sleeve for the world to see the truth where a heart was meant to go.

She shook herself to clear her mind when she noticed the galaxy simulation pattern that hadn't previously been present on the ceiling above them (it looked suspiciously like a window into the universe itself), and a few errant butterflies drifted by in rainbow colors.

"Thanks for doing this with me," Evelyn said sincerely, withdrawing her hand from the tap and wiping it on a towel nearby. "I'm excited to spend time with you, and to really up my majestic-ness." Her tone was light and she was probably joking, but it all felt very sincere.

  • Hair dye date (Tag Evelyn)Ness McLeod, Sat Mar 9 04:24
    The water room of MARS was designed to mimic any environment in which one found water. Whilst that usually meant bodies of water for swimming on scenery, it seemed it could also mean a room in which... more
    • Three of my favorite words! — Evelyn Stones, Tue Mar 12 03:39
      • With one of my favourite pebblesNess, Wed Mar 13 09:22
        Evelyn wanted to come to Pride! That was exciting. Ness had never doubted Evelyn's ability to be absolutely awesome and into all the right things but it was still nice every time it was confirmed.... more
        • And you, my friend, a gem.Evelyn Stones, Thu Mar 14 01:18
          Ness would take her to Pride! That meant they would spend more time together and it wasn't just limited to Sonora time. She wasn't sure what the bi flag stood for, but wasn't sure she wanted to ask,... more
          • And very educationalNess, Sun Mar 17 00:37
            “Nice,” Ness grinned, as Evelyn suggested they would then be bi-brows. That kind of deserved a bi-five. Except to be a bi-five, it had to be going down between two people both of whom identified as... more
            • That's part of why you're special. Evelyn Stones, Wed Mar 20 17:59
              Evelyn considered Ness' words carefully, distracting herself with the warm, wet hair in front of her as she did so. Something about what Ness said resonated with her, but she wasn't sure whether that ... more
              • I like being specialNess, Thu Mar 28 00:49
                Evelyn was quiet for a ling time, and Ness tried not to be worried. Thinking and processing time were totally valid things. Except... what was there to think about? What was complicated abou this?... more
                • You make me feel special, too! Evelyn Stones, Fri Mar 29 00:54
                  Ness' sudden movement startled Evelyn and her nerves came to a head as she mopped water off her front. Somehow, though, they came out in the form of a soft giggle. This was all so silly! She didn't... more
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