And very educational
Sun Mar 17, 2019 00:37

“Nice,” Ness grinned, as Evelyn suggested they would then be bi-brows. That kind of deserved a bi-five. Except to be a bi-five, it had to be going down between two people both of whom identified as bisexual, and Ness wasn’t sure whether that was the case for either of them.

“Yeah. Let’s go with hair first,” Ness agreed. Evelyn’s willingness to dye her eyebrows was admirable but Ness wasn’t sure how it would be possible to achieve that without streaking dye all over Evelyn’s face, or how they’d rinse it off without it going in her eyes, both of which sounded bad.

Ness leant back, flinching slightly as the water first hit. Not that it was bad, just not being in control of the shower head meant not knowing the exact moment it was going to happen. It was easy to relax though, once the water was continuous, and with Evelyn’s hands gently working their magic.

“It feels nice,” Ness assured the other first year. “It smells like yours,” the Aladren added, regarding the shampoo. And that was definitely not a bad thing either. Being surrounded by the soft, Evelyn smell… Having Evelyn’s hands playing around.It felt… special. It wasn’t like they were touching in a… sexy way. Or at least, not in places that were intimate or private. But it wasn’t exactly a way that you’d get touchy with everyone. It was nice to share that kind of thing.

Ness was initially taken aback by Evelyn’s question. Ok, the Aladren kind of knew that not everyone grew up being told about such things by their parents. And Evelyn’s parents were… well, kind of crappy. Or at least her dad was. Or had been. And allegedly was better now. But how had Evelyn spent all Christmas with them an not got Queer 101’d? Ness supposed it didn’t come up that often, given that they all just knew…

“Okay… So, you know how there’s straight people and gay people? I mean, allegedly. I’m not sure I’m convinced that straight people aren’t a myth…” Ness joked. Half joked. It was hard to imagine that most people weren’t at the very least just a little bit curious, though her own dad professed not to be but he was old and it was gross to think about him being attracted to anyone anyway, so it didn’t count. “Or, to give them their Latin names, heterosexual - attracted to what is different to you, or homosexual - attracted to what is the same. Bi means two, so you’re attracted to both - that which is the same and that which is different to you. Some people say bi means attracted to both men and women, but that’s a stupid definition that reinforces the gender binary. Some people then go onto say that that means the term ‘bisexual’ needs replacing and/or that bi people aren’t inclusive of people who are genderfluid or trans. Which is stupid and not true, but you might also hear the term ‘pansexual.’ Pan is Greek for ‘all’ - like in pandemonium or panopticon,” Ness offered, aware that perhaps those weren’t the most every day words but not able to think of any other examples of the ‘pan’ prefix at work, “and means attracted to all types of people. Both terms are fine. I can also explain genderfluid and trans if you need me to,” the Aladren offered, suspecting that if Evelyn hadn’t known the word ‘bisexual’ those might be new to her too, but not wanting to throw too much information out there if Evelyn wasn’t done with this part yet, or if she didn’t actually feel the need to know the rest right now, seeing as she wasn’t about to dye her hair their flag colours. “There’s also asexuals,” Ness added, because people often forgot them and that was rude, “You see the letters LBGT used a lot, but the full set is actually LGBTQIA+.”

  • And you, my friend, a gem.Evelyn Stones, Thu Mar 14 01:18
    Ness would take her to Pride! That meant they would spend more time together and it wasn't just limited to Sonora time. She wasn't sure what the bi flag stood for, but wasn't sure she wanted to ask,... more
    • And very educational — Ness, Sun Mar 17 00:37
      • That's part of why you're special. Evelyn Stones, Wed Mar 20 17:59
        Evelyn considered Ness' words carefully, distracting herself with the warm, wet hair in front of her as she did so. Something about what Ness said resonated with her, but she wasn't sure whether that ... more
        • I like being specialNess, Thu Mar 28 00:49
          Evelyn was quiet for a ling time, and Ness tried not to be worried. Thinking and processing time were totally valid things. Except... what was there to think about? What was complicated abou this?... more
          • You make me feel special, too! Evelyn Stones, Fri Mar 29 00:54
            Ness' sudden movement startled Evelyn and her nerves came to a head as she mopped water off her front. Somehow, though, they came out in the form of a soft giggle. This was all so silly! She didn't... more
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