I like being special
Thu Mar 28, 2019 00:49

Evelyn was quiet for a ling time, and Ness tried not to be worried. Thinking and processing time were totally valid things. Except... what was there to think about? What was complicated abou this? People liked people, and that was all there was to it. Evelyn had seemed to accept Aunt Lola and Aunt Catriona without any question or hesitation. Had she just been being polite because of being a guest? Ness was about to ask what was on Evelyn's mind when she spoke up again.

Ness turned abruptly at the question, but unfortunately this resulted in a shower of water to the face. This was quickly wiped dry with a nearby towel and Ness resumed the previous position, resigned to the fact that it was not going to be possible to read Evelyn's face right now. It seemed like a loaded question but at the same time... maybe it was just academic interest.

"Bi and pan would both cover that," Ness answered. "But you never need a label if you don't want one.

"Whatcha thinking?" Ness asked. Evelyn's silence could have been building to that question, working out whether to ask it and how. Did the length of time it had taken her to ask mean it Meant Something, or was it more indicative of her being afraid it would be misconstrued when it wasn't meant like that? Ness wasn't really sure how to ask that, or what to ask, so just generally finding out what was going through Evelyn's mind sounded like a good bet. It was always good to know that anyway.

  • That's part of why you're special. Evelyn Stones, Wed Mar 20 17:59
    Evelyn considered Ness' words carefully, distracting herself with the warm, wet hair in front of her as she did so. Something about what Ness said resonated with her, but she wasn't sure whether that ... more
    • I like being special — Ness, Thu Mar 28 00:49
      • You make me feel special, too! Evelyn Stones, Fri Mar 29 00:54
        Ness' sudden movement startled Evelyn and her nerves came to a head as she mopped water off her front. Somehow, though, they came out in the form of a soft giggle. This was all so silly! She didn't... more
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