Georgia Kirkly
Music Room - Teppenpaw Rehearsal
Tue Apr 9, 2019 10:08

“Right everyone, thanks for coming,” Georgia smiled at the Teppenpaws who had volunteered for the concert. She had put up a notice giving the date and time of their first rehearsal, and asked for everyone to attend, even those who would have backstage jobs. The latter might not need to stay too long but she figured it was good for them to all get together and get an idea of what they were working with.

She took a deep breath, and twirled her little witch hat pendant from Zevalyn between her fingers, trying to tell herself that she belonged, up here, in charge, and that she felt ready. She felt excited, sure, and visions of the perfect Teppenpaw performance danced in her head. And there were times she felt like that was totally achievable. And there were times where she felt the combined resources of being a good singer, having had access to Google during Christmas break, and having the talking portraits now were not going to be enough. It felt like a bit of a mishmash, and she wasn’t sure she was the most organised person anyway, and what if they didn’t pull it off? The first rehearsal felt like it had taken forever to plan, meticulously going over everything with Eleonora (including some advice on not scaring people when Georgia had got particularly intense about how she felt about it all), and she had to hope it just got easier from here.

“Thanks everyone for volunteering, and for coming today. Today is going to be a lot of working out - we need to try a few things, and see how people fit into different places. And everyone might not be good at everything straight away, but that’s ok,” she explained, sounding rather like she had memorised ‘reassuring sentiments 101’ and was not totally convinced by them. “Because…. Because we’re working things out. It will get good though,” she added, with a degree of conviction that sounded like there might be an ‘or else’ on the end of it.

“So, based on the suggestions that were made last year, we’ve selected the following songs,” gesturing to a blackboard on which were listed the five pieces they were going to do - Stand By Me (Ben E. King), Count On Me (Bruno Mars), Umbrella (Rihanna), Invisible (Hunter Hayes), and Firework (Katy Perry). “These represent using ideas from everyone who came forward with suggestions,” she added, to make it clear that things had been chosen fairly.

“We’ve got the vocal scores for each song here,” she added, waving her wand, so that a stack of papers distributed themselves to the occupants of the room. More or less - some people might have needed to make a grab slightly above their head or to the side to catch theirs. The teachers always made that look so effortless…

“These songs might not be familiar to everyone here. The MARS room is capable of providing them on record, so if you want to come and listen to them at any point, you can. We have the records available today and the room seems to have set up some kind of… bubble zone thing so that you can’t hear them outside of that corner,” she gestured to where a jukebox rather like the one from the ball was situated, though in this case it only had a selection of five songs. It had taken some experimentation with the thought process to get the room to make what she wanted. She knew that computers and even ancient technology like CD players didn’t work in the magical school, so at first she had simply walked into the room thinking about having a way to play the records - there may well have been other equipment that would have done it, but she had seen the jukebox at the ball, so it wasn’t really surprising that the room settled on that for her. She had also tried to acquire headphones, but as hard as she imagined them, they would not appear - she guessed it was like the other Muggle tech; if a magical version didn’t exist, you couldn’t bring it to being in this room. So she had rephrased her thoughts to wanting a way for some people to listen to the music without disturbing others and that was when the bubble had appeared. “So if you’re not involved in a particular activity at any given time, you can go and listen.

“We’ve got two additional helpers today. Eleonora and some members of her band with be helping us to work out everyone’s vocal part,” she gestured to the portrait of an elegant black jazz singer behind her. Georgia had discovered her last year, and she had been her regular singing teacher ever since. Eleanora was more laid back and fun than some of the other portraits, and better suited to popular music. She believed in singing music for the fact that it brought you joy, though she still knew her stuff and gave Georgia plenty of constructive criticism. “She’s also recommended a friend to me,” she gestured to another portrait. The title simply read ‘The Traveling Musician’ and the slender looking man in the picture had several instruments hanging about his person. “One of the songs is mostly accompanied by the ukulele, and apparently the basics are pretty easy to learn, so anyone who wants to try those today can, and we’ll see whether we can pick up enough to make it work in the performance.” Georgia had originally thought that the idea of any of them learning to play a whole new instrument was clearly beyond the realms of possibility. However, she and The Traveling Musician had had a chat about that, and he had assured her that the ukulele was very simple and most people could get a pleasant enough tune out of it with only a little bit of practise. The room had helpfully provided her the tab for the song, and he had rated it as slightly above a beginner level (more than three chords and some of them a bit fiddly, plus quite a fast pace) but achievable - or worth attempting, at least. With this in mind, there were several ukuleles propped against the wall next to his painting. “People who play other instruments… Maybe talk to me after you’ve listened to the songs, and we can work out where your instrument might fit in.

“Okay… If you already know your vocal part, go stand in the relevant spot,” she gestured to where there were floating banners designating sopranos, altos and so on, “If you want to be involved in singing but don’t know it, try a couple of parts and see what feels comfortable. We’re going to start with some general voice warm ups and then work through the first song to try to get an idea of everyone’s ability and vocal range. Kir’s going to help us by being on the piano for that. After that, we’ll have a play with the ukuleles.”

OOC - welcome to Teppenpaw rehearsal! This is open to anyone who wants to join in with the concert, even if you didn’t post at the meeting. People may join at any stage, it will be assumed they’ve been involved along the way, and they will be mentioned as participating in the performance. If you would like your character to have a more specific role than ‘participating’ (e.g. a vocal, dance or instrumental solo or lead) you will need to contribute to rehearsal threads in a way that shows their skills and the roles they would be capable of taking on.

I’ve tried to make it so there are lots of things your character can do here, and I see this working more like a class thread than a group thread. For example, you can post your character going off to listen to the records, trying a uke or whatever. Whilst Georgia wouldn’t tolerate much chit-chat whilst they’re working, you can also assume there are small breaks if you’d prefer to get something social out of it. You’re welcome to write for either portrait.

For anyone who wants some technical information on how to play the ukulele, you can find a tutorial for the song they’re doing here As someone who a) plays the ukulele and b) is not really musical, I believe it’s pretty realistic that they would be able to get something together in the time available.

A playlist of the songs they’re doing is available here.

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      Zara was pretty psyched that both her song choices had made the selection for Teppenpaw's concert performance. She listened carefully to Georgia's intro speech. The other girl seemed a little intense ... more
    • I kan dance! Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Apr 11 18:07
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      • That might have to waitDorian, Thu Apr 11 20:24
        Dorian was excited for the first concert rehearsal. He was glad the poster had specified everyone should come, as he definitely wanted to but might have felt a bit odd showing up unless specifically... more
        • I kan wait! Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Fri Apr 12 01:23
          When Dorian approached, Johana Leonie thought he might've been an angel in disguise. She might've told him so if she knew how to, or if it wasn't totally weird. The fact that he sort of just made... more
          • You are goodDorian, Fri Apr 12 07:44
            Dorian held open the door to the little bubble-booth, and followed Johana Leonie inside, taking a seat next to her. He was a little surprised by her initial question, assuming she meant would he help ... more
            • Danke schön!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Apr 18 18:34
              Everything sucked just a bit less with a kind friend to help along the way. Johana Leonie was still clutching her flute, but she was doing so with many fewer white knuckles than she had been... more
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