That might have to wait
Thu Apr 11, 2019 20:24

Dorian was excited for the first concert rehearsal. He was glad the poster had specified everyone should come, as he definitely wanted to but might have felt a bit odd showing up unless specifically instructed, seeing as he wasn’t sure there was much for him to do at this stage.

He listened carefully to Georgia’s introductory speech, which mainly seemed focussed on the performance aspect, specifically singing. Still, he definitely needed to be familiar with how all the songs sounded, and how the performers would be moving in order to add effects and dress the set and… whatever it was exactly he was going to do. He wasn’t sure which of those was more his calling yet, just that he was going to make it all look even prettier. And that wasn’t something random, it was an art to have things that fitted with the mood and the meaning of the songs and that enhanced them.

It seemed likely that the most productive use of his time would be to listen to the songs and get a feel for each one. He was about to make his way over to the booth, when he noticed Johana Leonie hanging off to one side, clutching a flute. He suspected she had taken in a lot less of the information than he had, and diverted from his path to the booth to make sure she was alright.

“First is singing. You do not want to do any?” he confirmed. Once this had been ascertained, he continued, “You can come listen to songs with me. Maybe none have a flute part right now, but you can see which is a good song for flute style,” he summarised the relevant bits of Georgia’s speech for her.

“It is ok if I take her to do listening?” he checked with Kir, who was nearby and somehow less frightening than Georgia in spite of being so ridiculously big - they had lived on the same corridor for years and Kir had not accidentally stepped on him or tried to hunt him as prey, so was presumably quite tame in spite of his alarming height. “If you need instrument people, you will come and get her?” This received a nod, so Dorian smiled at the first year, indicating the booth, should she want to take him up on his offer.

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  • I kan dance! Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Apr 11 18:07
    Johana Leonie was at a bit of a loss, but it was the good sort that made you feel like interesting things were happening and you were part of them and it was going to be okay. She thought that it... more
    • That might have to wait — Dorian, Thu Apr 11 20:24
      • I kan wait! Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Fri Apr 12 01:23
        When Dorian approached, Johana Leonie thought he might've been an angel in disguise. She might've told him so if she knew how to, or if it wasn't totally weird. The fact that he sort of just made... more
        • You are goodDorian, Fri Apr 12 07:44
          Dorian held open the door to the little bubble-booth, and followed Johana Leonie inside, taking a seat next to her. He was a little surprised by her initial question, assuming she meant would he help ... more
          • Danke schön!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Apr 18 18:34
            Everything sucked just a bit less with a kind friend to help along the way. Johana Leonie was still clutching her flute, but she was doing so with many fewer white knuckles than she had been... more
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