Johana Leonie Zauberhexen
I kan wait!
Fri Apr 12, 2019 01:23

When Dorian approached, Johana Leonie thought he might've been an angel in disguise. She might've told him so if she knew how to, or if it wasn't totally weird. The fact that he sort of just made things happen was the biggest thing that meant so much to her, because she couldn't do it all by herself and it was exhausting to keep trying to.

Johana Leonie agreed that she did not want to sing and listened to the rest of what he said with greater comprehension than she would've expected for herself, which was a good sign. She wasn't totally sure what "flute style" meant. She knew what the words were, but not exactly what it meant in this sense.

Satisfied that she would be gotten if she was needed and confident that she didn't have to worry too much to try to overhear all the English that might be relevant while also trying to focus on other things.

Johana Leonie followed Dorian to the booth he indicated and was surprised to find that she could hear the music. Well, it was probably the music. She had no way of knowing whether this was actually the right music, but figured Georgia wouldn't have put the wrong music in. She felt a bit like she did when she walked around with some of the older boys in her village when she was with Dorian; he seemed vaguely interested in chatting with her, but in a protective way which was nice. It was good to feel like she didn't have to put so much effort into everything because someone else was looking out for her too.

"You do the help for looking, right?" she asked. She looked down, a little embarrassed. "Would I am in the Konzert, would you have sparkles for me?"

  • That might have to waitDorian, Thu Apr 11 20:24
    Dorian was excited for the first concert rehearsal. He was glad the poster had specified everyone should come, as he definitely wanted to but might have felt a bit odd showing up unless specifically... more
    • I kan wait! — Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Fri Apr 12 01:23
      • You are goodDorian, Fri Apr 12 07:44
        Dorian held open the door to the little bubble-booth, and followed Johana Leonie inside, taking a seat next to her. He was a little surprised by her initial question, assuming she meant would he help ... more
        • Danke schön!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Apr 18 18:34
          Everything sucked just a bit less with a kind friend to help along the way. Johana Leonie was still clutching her flute, but she was doing so with many fewer white knuckles than she had been... more
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