Johana Leonie Zauberhexen
Danke schön!
Thu Apr 18, 2019 18:34

Everything sucked just a bit less with a kind friend to help along the way. Johana Leonie was still clutching her flute, but she was doing so with many fewer white knuckles than she had been previously, and the assurance that she would have sparkles made her relax even further. If she was going to be getting some fancy education, it better come with some damn sparkles.

"Danke," she said, nodding firmly as if everything were now settled and right with the world. Focusing on the panel that Dorian was checking and then on the music she'd been given when he suggested this was the first song, Johana Leonie was quiet. She wasn't particularly skilled at reading music and certainly couldn't understand most of the lyrics, but she was pretty sure this song was paced out well enough that she could manage it.

With a determined expression, she pressed her flute to her lips and played along for the last minute or so of the song. It wasn't perfect, but she hit most of the notes she meant to. Basic, but pretty decent. She could do this! Now it was just a matter of whether anyone would actually want to enjoy listening to it.

As the first song drew to a close, she pulled the instrument away from her mouth and looked at Dorian with wide eyes. "War das gut?" she asked. "I can make the sounds be not like that too."

OOC - Feel free to have Dorian's opinion be whatever. Objectively speaking, Johana Leonie can play the flute fairly well, but not incredibly, and she doesn't know the song of course, so it would be so-so anyway.

  • You are goodDorian, Fri Apr 12 07:44
    Dorian held open the door to the little bubble-booth, and followed Johana Leonie inside, taking a seat next to her. He was a little surprised by her initial question, assuming she meant would he help ... more
    • Danke schön! — Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Apr 18 18:34
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