No, pretty sure this was better rest than my room gives me
Wed May 8, 2019 10:23

He became aware of the sound of waves first. Then he noticed the salt in the very air he was breathing. This was not home. This was not Utah. And this was not school. His forehead creased in confusion and he sat up, and opened his eyes. Where was -

Oh. He saw Evelyn sitting up, looking out over the cliffside to the ocean beyond and he remembered. This was at school. MARS just had the ability to look and sound and even smell completely different from the rest of the place. Right.

He rubbed the sleep sand from his eyes and wondered how long he’d been out. He did feel more rested than he had in a while, so it had probably been more than just a short doze.

“Erm, hi,” he said, a little awkwardly, because as simple and innocent as the morning had been, they were still more strangers than not, even if she had enjoyed eating German food. They weren’t even in the same classes this year, with him moving up to intermediates and her still being in her second year of beginners. And they had just technically slept together. Completely platonically. At further than an arm’s reach from each other. But slept. Together. On a isolated cliff near the ocean, that may or may not mean something significant to her. And she was still wrapped up in his robe.

It was just a little bit weird. And it was probably all his fault because he hadn’t just left.

Had that been Wrong? He couldn’t tell. He hadn’t destroyed a problem or anything though, so it was probably okay? Maybe he would ask Professor Brooding the next time he worked as her assistant.

He shifted around to mimic her position, looking out at the sea, close, to be companionable, but not too close, so he didn’t come across as pushy or invasive. The last thing he wanted to be was invasive.

“Did you have a good nap?” he asked carefully, his English coming out a little slow even for him on account of him having just been unconscious and his brain not being fully up to speed yet. He figured that was a safer topic than why she’d come out to this place to sleep in the first place. That would surely be invasive.

His own rest had been unexpectedly good, even without a mattress, pillow, or blanket. Maybe he ought to try sleeping with wave sounds in his room tonight, see if that helped any. The distant crashing sounds were pretty calming even now. Or maybe it was the crisp salty air. He wasn’t sure he was quite up to making that effect himself yet, but maybe he could do a little research later today to see just how hard a charm like that might be to learn. A goal was always a good thing to have.

  • But not like this.Evelyn Stones, Tue May 7 17:44
    Evelyn wasn't totally sure what the names were for all the things she felt when she woke up. The fact that she was warm and cozy beneath a blanket was comforting, but the fact that it was an... more
    • No, pretty sure this was better rest than my room gives me — Heinrich, Wed May 8 10:23
      • Okay, I'll give you that much. Evelyn Stones, Thu May 9 01:29
        OOC - Not necessarily a content warning, but this does include the thought processes of someone who very much is not thinking rationally and is not reflective of abuse survivors' culpability. IC -... more
        • Family Stuff does suck thoughHeinrich, Thu May 9 11:34
          Heinrich was surprised by how accurately Evelyn’s words matched his own thoughts about their respective recent sleeps. But when she added the reason for her poor sleep of late, Heinrich couldn’t help ... more
          • Do you think family just sucks as a whole? Evelyn Stones, Thu May 9 17:21
            Evelyn thought it was sort of funny to hear Heinrich stumble through some of his sentences, and then also come out with words like corrosive. She supposed that was part of his Aladren nature, but she ... more
            • He was surprised again when Evelyn, a native speaker, called English a problem for lacking enough words. But then, she seemed to want to use them for things he didn't use German for either. Talking... more
              • *nods* Parents stink.Evelyn Stones, Fri May 10 00:28
                Language was hard, and Evelyn didn't doubt that at all. She also looked forward to the distraction of something that was totally possible (unlike her academics), and totally not family related... more
                • Like Hilda's eggHeinrich, Sat May 11 21:03
                  "Eier, bitte," Heinrich translated her, feeling kind of strange going the other way. Usually he translated for a person who didn't understand English well, not for someone unfamiliar with German. It... more
                  • Exactly like that, no differences at all.Evelyn Stones, Sat May 11 21:36
                    Evelyn repeated Heinrich's German words as carefully as she could, committing them to memory for practice later. Hilda was in her house and she thought that might help, too, although she hadn't... more
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