My siblings are fine. Uncle Karl is okay. Parents stink.
Thu May 9, 2019 22:56

He was surprised again when Evelyn, a native speaker, called English a problem for lacking enough words. But then, she seemed to want to use them for things he didn't use German for either. Talking about his nightmares had never much appealed to him. He preferred a more denial based approach to dealing with bad dreams.

He was even more surprised when she offered to learn German for him. They were hardly close friends. This was only the second time they'd talked outside of class. Though, to be fair, it was a pretty intense second meeting. "I can teach basics," he offered, but he was three years into immersive language learning and he might be technically fluent - in that he could understand most of what was said to him and communicate most of what he needed to say on a daily basis - but he was by no means a flawless speaker and he was sure he missed a lot of subtleties in what he heard. He didn't expect he could get Evelyn much past where Hilda was now. He wasn't against trying though. Especially if it meant there was another person in the school who might be able to help Hilda communicate with everyone else, if only by a little. If nothing else, Evelyn would be more willing language student than Hilda was. "Language is hard, though," he warned.

When she griped that she thought her family had been fixed, he felt a moment of crushing envy, followed immediately by crushing second-hand disappointment. Without knowing the circumstances, he could only guess that whatever her family stuff was had been able to improve (which was enviable, because nothing about his could) but then it relapsed, and that was just altogether soul-sucking because that meant even fixable problems could be un-fixed. And that might almost be worse. At least he knew his situation was stable and permanent.

No, he knew the uncertainty was worse, because he'd lived that his first year. The hope that the trial might find them innocent. It made the final verdict all that much harder when that hope was destroyed. Now there was no hope. Nothing could change what was.

He listened carefully to her tirade as it burst out of her, then sat quietly in the silence that followed, contemplating over what she'd said.

"There are things to not hate. You can try to focus on those," he recommended after a few moments. "I focus on Hilda and Hansel. Hansel is my youngest sibling," he added, because there was no reason why she would know that name. "He is six."

"My situation can not be fixed," he said cautiously after another moment's pause, because his comment had seemed to be what set her off, and he felt bad about it. "I not know what your situation is or if it can be. We live with Uncle Karl now. That will never change. Deutschland is not safe for us. Too much bad wolfs got out." He doubted she would understand that last part, not unless she was also receiving informal counseling from Professor Brooding, but maybe she would take it as a poorly translated German metaphor for something close to what he meant.

Though she might think there had been an actual wolf attack and they were orphans now, or that his parents got turned into werewolves, or something equally tragic and wolf-related, so he quickly added, "That is metaphor. No real wolfs." He irritably chucked another pebble. "Just my parents being," he paused, hoping he was catching the slang correctly, then repeated her word, "crappy."

  • Do you think family just sucks as a whole? Evelyn Stones, Thu May 9 17:21
    Evelyn thought it was sort of funny to hear Heinrich stumble through some of his sentences, and then also come out with words like corrosive. She supposed that was part of his Aladren nature, but she ... more
    • My siblings are fine. Uncle Karl is okay. Parents stink. — Heinrich, Thu May 9 22:56
      • *nods* Parents stink.Evelyn Stones, Fri May 10 00:28
        Language was hard, and Evelyn didn't doubt that at all. She also looked forward to the distraction of something that was totally possible (unlike her academics), and totally not family related... more
        • Like Hilda's eggHeinrich, Sat May 11 21:03
          "Eier, bitte," Heinrich translated her, feeling kind of strange going the other way. Usually he translated for a person who didn't understand English well, not for someone unfamiliar with German. It... more
          • Exactly like that, no differences at all.Evelyn Stones, Sat May 11 21:36
            Evelyn repeated Heinrich's German words as carefully as she could, committing them to memory for practice later. Hilda was in her house and she thought that might help, too, although she hadn't... more
            • Should be shiny and tasty but just a smelly messHeinrich , Wed May 15 11:47
              Heinrich nodded in understanding that her brother likewise would not remember the ‘family stuff’ she was going through, which probably meant her situation was resolved as best it could be as well. At ... more
              • Everything is a smelly mess.Evelyn Stones, Wed May 15 15:44
                Heinrich's grammar seemed to be suffering, either from emotion or from prolonged use, and Evelyn reaffirmed to herself that she would learn German. She was only 13, so by the time she was an adult,... more
                • Agreed. We need some flowers.Heinrich , Thu May 16 13:31
                  She’d seen her parents bad wolves. In retrospect, admittedly, but she’d seen them. Heinrich wondered if that made her better at this, or just unluckier. It was kind of hard to imagine someone being... more
                  • Yes! Big beautiful flowers. Evelyn Stones, Thu May 16 16:36
                    Evelyn wasn't crazy. She wasn't crazy. She wasn't crazy. Because she couldn't be crazy if Heinrich was also worried about doing the wrong things and being like his family. He seemed not crazy at all, ... more
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