Like Hilda's egg
Sat May 11, 2019 21:03

"Eier, bitte," Heinrich translated her, feeling kind of strange going the other way. Usually he translated for a person who didn't understand English well, not for someone unfamiliar with German. It just felt a little backwards, but he thought he could get used to it. It might even be easier. He was sure of his mastery of German. "That is simple, 'eggs, please,' which is easier. Or you say, 'Ich hätte gerne Eier' for the full sentence. 'Eier' is eggs," he added. "Ei for just one. Bitte is please."

Heinrich nodded when Evelyn stated that her baby brother was innocent. He got that. "Hansel will probably not remember Mom and Dad," he said. "He was three when . . . we moved. He missed them a lot at first. He cried at night for them to come read to him like they always did. He would mad when we did not make them appear for him . . ." Another small rock sailed over the cliff. "Sometimes now he asks if Mutter und Vater can visit us. He understands not why they are gone, why we leave without them. Uncle Karl is soon more father than Vater to him. He is lucky." It wouldn't save him from the stain entirely, he was still the son of two assassins, still had their blood, but the most advanced thing they'd ever taught Hansel was how to use the potty.

Even Heinrich couldn't see how that could be done evilly.

At the offer to listen, Heinrich just shook his head, but he couldn't help a smile when she offered that she was glad there were no real wolves involved. "I too," he agreed, with the closest thing to humor his voice had carried in a long time.

What he could talk about, though, was the metaphor. "Professor Brooding, she find out about family stuff when I drop too many hints. She tell about metaphor wolfs. People have two wolves. One is good. One is bad. You feed the good one by being good. The bad one you feed by being bad. When you feed one too much and the other too little, you only have one wolf." He hesitated a moment, almost leaving it there, but then added, "Mutter und Vater have big strong bad wolfs. Too big to hide. People saw bad wolfs were too big. They sent us to Uncle in Utah."

He didn't say his parents got sent to prison, but it was a pretty clear corollary. It wouldn't take a huge jump for Evelyn to guess that. What she couldn't guess based on the metaphor, what he didn't want to share, was their exact crime. People went to jail for a lot of things, some of them pretty minor, others one time offenses. Only a very tiny fraction of a percent got sent to prison for being international dark wizard assassins who committed almost two decades worth of murders all over Europe. So she probably wouldn't guess that. If he was really lucky, maybe she'd guess embezzlers. If his parents had to be criminals, why couldn't they be embezzlers? Non-violent. White-collar.

"I listen good, too," he added. "I can not promise I understand all words perfect, but I get close idea usually. I can promise I never share secret. Or you say nothing. That is okay, too. I understand not want share. I share not all either."

  • *nods* Parents stink.Evelyn Stones, Fri May 10 00:28
    Language was hard, and Evelyn didn't doubt that at all. She also looked forward to the distraction of something that was totally possible (unlike her academics), and totally not family related... more
    • Like Hilda's egg — Heinrich, Sat May 11 21:03
      • Exactly like that, no differences at all.Evelyn Stones, Sat May 11 21:36
        Evelyn repeated Heinrich's German words as carefully as she could, committing them to memory for practice later. Hilda was in her house and she thought that might help, too, although she hadn't... more
        • Should be shiny and tasty but just a smelly messHeinrich , Wed May 15 11:47
          Heinrich nodded in understanding that her brother likewise would not remember the ‘family stuff’ she was going through, which probably meant her situation was resolved as best it could be as well. At ... more
          • Everything is a smelly mess.Evelyn Stones, Wed May 15 15:44
            Heinrich's grammar seemed to be suffering, either from emotion or from prolonged use, and Evelyn reaffirmed to herself that she would learn German. She was only 13, so by the time she was an adult,... more
            • Agreed. We need some flowers.Heinrich , Thu May 16 13:31
              She’d seen her parents bad wolves. In retrospect, admittedly, but she’d seen them. Heinrich wondered if that made her better at this, or just unluckier. It was kind of hard to imagine someone being... more
              • Yes! Big beautiful flowers. Evelyn Stones, Thu May 16 16:36
                Evelyn wasn't crazy. She wasn't crazy. She wasn't crazy. Because she couldn't be crazy if Heinrich was also worried about doing the wrong things and being like his family. He seemed not crazy at all, ... more
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