Evelyn Stones
Exactly like that, no differences at all.
Sat May 11, 2019 21:36

Evelyn repeated Heinrich's German words as carefully as she could, committing them to memory for practice later. Hilda was in her house and she thought that might help, too, although she hadn't talked to the younger Hexenmeister hardly at all. Her pronunciation wasn't very good, but it wasn't awful, and she smiled at Heinrich, thanking him before he answered her question about his brother.

It hurt to hear somebody else agree with her. She thought it would feel good to know that she wasn't alone, but it really just meant there were more crappy parents out there being horrible and making their children suffer. Of course, it didn't sound like Mr. and Mrs. Hexenmeister had left for the same reasons that Evelyn's father almost had or that her mother actually had. It almost sounded like they were dead, but Heinrich seemed more bitter than grieving and she doubted that.

"I understand that a little bit," Evelyn said. "Everyone's situation is different and I don't want to pretend that I know exactly what you're going through," she assured him as she began pushing rocks around and writing absentmindedly in the dirt. It felt good to get sand under her nails and the rocky beach was homey. Which was . . . okay. "I think CJ will not understand either." Except that Evelyn wasn't even sure whether her mother was going to stay away forever, and CJ might not even have to ever know that his parents had been bad parents.

Maybe that wasn't fair . . . Evelyn's mother had been a good mom . . . and then a bad mom . . . and now she didn't want to be a mom at all. Did that mean she'd never really been a good mom at all? Evelyn didn't like to think she had two crappy parents. What if . . . no, she didn't want to think about that. but she couldn't quite push away the thought that maybe, just maybe, both her parents were right. Then Heinrich explained Professor Brooding's metaphor and Evelyn felt sick. What if she was the bad wolf and that was why they didn't want to be around her? Maybe they were trying to stamp the bad wolf out?

She was aware that her displeasure appeared on her face in the form of a creased brow, tight lips, and wrinkled nose, so she couldn't exactly say nothing.

"But how do you know which one you're feeding?" she said in a quiet voice. With the sound of waves and things, it was almost imperceptible. She blinked tears away and looked down, only to find that she'd written her own name in sharp letters in the dirt. Evelyn Stones. She brushed her hand back through it, angrily wiping it all away. It hurt to do so, but it was better than staring at just another piece of who she was that her family had given her.

She looked up at Heinrich again, searching his expression for some disbelief that she could be the bad wolf. Would it help if she thought others thought it was impossible? Or would it hurt more to see that no one at school seemed to see what a mess she was? Was she that good at deception? Or did it mean she wasn't bad?

Blinking hard and wiping her eyes with her palm, Evelyn looked away. "Sorry," she said. "I'm sorry. I'm just . . . I'm..." She couldn't even say she was tired now. She was, in a way, but not tired like sleepy tired, so it felt wrong. She didn't want to be a liar. And he was willing to listen, so maybe she should just tell him? But what if his family situation was so much worse that he just laughed at her? It wasn't that bad, anyway, right?

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I just don't know what to think, you know?"

  • Like Hilda's eggHeinrich, Sat May 11 21:03
    "Eier, bitte," Heinrich translated her, feeling kind of strange going the other way. Usually he translated for a person who didn't understand English well, not for someone unfamiliar with German. It... more
    • Exactly like that, no differences at all. — Evelyn Stones, Sat May 11 21:36
      • Should be shiny and tasty but just a smelly messHeinrich , Wed May 15 11:47
        Heinrich nodded in understanding that her brother likewise would not remember the ‘family stuff’ she was going through, which probably meant her situation was resolved as best it could be as well. At ... more
        • Everything is a smelly mess.Evelyn Stones, Wed May 15 15:44
          Heinrich's grammar seemed to be suffering, either from emotion or from prolonged use, and Evelyn reaffirmed to herself that she would learn German. She was only 13, so by the time she was an adult,... more
          • Agreed. We need some flowers.Heinrich , Thu May 16 13:31
            She’d seen her parents bad wolves. In retrospect, admittedly, but she’d seen them. Heinrich wondered if that made her better at this, or just unluckier. It was kind of hard to imagine someone being... more
            • Yes! Big beautiful flowers. Evelyn Stones, Thu May 16 16:36
              Evelyn wasn't crazy. She wasn't crazy. She wasn't crazy. Because she couldn't be crazy if Heinrich was also worried about doing the wrong things and being like his family. He seemed not crazy at all, ... more
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