Should be shiny and tasty but just a smelly mess
Wed May 15, 2019 11:47

Heinrich nodded in understanding that her brother likewise would not remember the ‘family stuff’ she was going through, which probably meant her situation was resolved as best it could be as well. At least he hoped so. Ongoing problems were probably worse than the single removal and relocation the Hexenmeisters had faced, traumatic as that had been. At least it was done. They had a new normal now, and Uncle Karl was doing his best.

He turned to look at her when her voice got quiet. His glance caught her in time to see her wipe her hand over the rocky ground. It looked like she might be blotting out a drawing, but he hadn’t turned in time to see the original image before it was cleared away. Then she wiped at her eyes and was apologizing for the tears, for not knowing what to think.

“I forgive,” he promised. “But I know not knowing -“ he broke off, getting confused in his grammar, stumping himself of how to arrange the words he wanted to say. He tried again, aiming for a simpler construction. “I know not what I think either.”

He hugged his knees tighter against his chest. “Mutter und Vater had big bad wolfs. But I saw not them, not ever. I think they have good wolfs. So I not know if I just have big bias, if I have very bad insight, or if I completely unable to tell bad from good. I am angry, but I know not if I am mad at them for being bad, or if I am mad at me for being bad at seeing bad. They are mein Mutter und Vater. You think I know them best. I know them not at all. And if I know not them, who know I? Know I even me?”

He pressed his lips together and raked his fingers through the ground of the rocky beach, looking for another good pebble to throw. “I have trust problem now,” he admitted. “Especially against me.”

He did find, though, that he felt both vindicated and relieved that telling the wolves apart was not so easy as Professor Brooding made it sound. But then Evelyn was probably one of the other vaguely mentioned ‘other students’ who also weren’t to be judged by their parents’ actions. He didn’t know what Evelyn’s did, but he thought maybe he might see what Professor Brooding was getting at. Even knowing they did something, his opinion of Evelyn’s likelihood of doing something bad herself wasn’t changing.

Though, to be fair, he was pretty sure, whatever they did do, they hadn’t killed people with dark magic. So there was that.

“I ask how I know which wolf is which, too. Professor Brooding says the bad wolf bites.” He supplied the answer to Evelyn’s question as it was given to him, grimacing in wordless commentary that he found this answer less than entirely helpful. “I ask for better answer. She says do not destroy problems. So I,” he stopped halfway through the motion of throwing the rock he’d just picked up, then put it carefully down next to him and patted it. “I try not destroy anything. I want not my big bad wolf following me.”

He paused, double checking with himself that he really wanted to say this because once it was out, there was no taking it back. “I want not Aurors seeing my big bad wolf, and locking me in prison, too.” He shuddered a little hearing the words come out in his own voice, out loud, where someone could hear. He glanced worriedly over at Evelyn to check her reaction to that revelation because he felt pretty certain, based on her previous lack of comment that he had been too subtle before when he’d tried to tell her earlier, and she’d missed the implication.

Now it was right out there, unmistakable and plain as day. Not the crime, not the life sentence, those he was keeping to himself as long as possible, but Evelyn now knew the main shape of Heinrich’s family stuff.

The aurors had taken his parents away to prison.

  • Exactly like that, no differences at all.Evelyn Stones, Sat May 11 21:36
    Evelyn repeated Heinrich's German words as carefully as she could, committing them to memory for practice later. Hilda was in her house and she thought that might help, too, although she hadn't... more
    • Should be shiny and tasty but just a smelly mess — Heinrich , Wed May 15 11:47
      • Everything is a smelly mess.Evelyn Stones, Wed May 15 15:44
        Heinrich's grammar seemed to be suffering, either from emotion or from prolonged use, and Evelyn reaffirmed to herself that she would learn German. She was only 13, so by the time she was an adult,... more
        • Agreed. We need some flowers.Heinrich , Thu May 16 13:31
          She’d seen her parents bad wolves. In retrospect, admittedly, but she’d seen them. Heinrich wondered if that made her better at this, or just unluckier. It was kind of hard to imagine someone being... more
          • Yes! Big beautiful flowers. Evelyn Stones, Thu May 16 16:36
            Evelyn wasn't crazy. She wasn't crazy. She wasn't crazy. Because she couldn't be crazy if Heinrich was also worried about doing the wrong things and being like his family. He seemed not crazy at all, ... more
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