Peyton O'Malley
Wed May 15, 2019 21:41

Never in her life had Peyton been happier that she'd taken up the clarinet when her cousins had. This way she got to work with Connor, who was her friend, instead of Arianna Tate, who quite frankly scared her a little. She knew Jasmine was friends with the seventh year so she couldn't be all bad, but still, Arianna seemed bossy and intimidating and likely to get really mad if they made mistakes.

It all rather made Peyton question her decision to participate in the concert to begin with. Even though she played an instrument, she didn't really consider herself the performing sort. She had mostly chosen to join in because Jasmine and Connor were involved.

Not only that but the fourth year thought it might look good in the eyes of the staff and help her get prefect. Peyton felt guilty about this desire, since it would mean beating one of her best friends and she wouldn't get too upset if Jasmine did win but if she didn't get it, it meant Eden was better than her.

She wished that she didn't feel that way. The Crotalus knew that it wasn't good to be jealous. And she knew that Eden had been through something traumatic and wasn't without sympathy, even though Peyton genuinely felt that the world was better off without Ross Manger in it. She would feel terribly if her own father died, but then her dad was a good person. Her dad loved Sally, Arnold and Jake as if they were his own children. Her dad treated her mom with love and respect. He even loved Carrie despite the fact that she was now the second worst person on the planet, and had treated his first wife-the actual worst person on the planet-with much more decency than she deserved and not because he was scared of the Brockerts either but because it was the right way to treat people. Even crummy ones.

And what made Eden so bloody special that Mr. Manger had loved her and not his other children anyway? There wasn't anything wrong with the Teppenpaw per se, but she was certainly not better than Sally,Arnold or Jake.

Or Ivy either.

Peyton set the brownies she'd brought down on a nearby table. She'd gotten into a habit of bringing baked goods to any school function she attended though something in Arianna's condescending sneer when she saw the treats made the fourth year sort of regret it.

The seventh year told them where to go, and Peyton followed her instructions.

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