Ruby Brockert
Thu May 16, 2019 22:34

This was Ruby's first year running the choir and she wanted to make it successful. Angelique had cared very much about it and left it in her hands, so the Teppenpaw didn't want to let her down. The choir was like Angelique's baby, and now Ruby was the one taking care of it, nurturing it so it would live on as her cousin's legacy.

Speaking of babies, Aunt Shannon had given birth to baby U, a boy named Uriah....and he was a huge baby, weighing nearly eleven pounds. He was the largest baby born in her family yet. Allegra had said that apparently, Aunt Shannon had very clearly told Uncle Ben that "sometimes Y" was not happening because (not so) little Uriah was so large that she never ever wanted to go through that again. Of course, she had said no to a sixth pregnancy a long time ago, but this just cemented it.

Not only that but Aunt Madeleine was now pregnant with her second child who was due in September.

Ruby just adored babies and hoped to have a big family herself someday. She usually imagined herself having at least four children, who were reasonably spaced out as that seemed to work better than what her parents did. Of course-and she felt bad for thinking this especially about her mother-she wanted kids because she loved babies and young children, not because she was trying for one gender or the other.

And in this fantasy, when she imagined her husband, the father of her children ,she usually saw Dean.

Anyway, she was only 14, so it would be awhile. Right now, she was satisfied by playing with her little cousins and Professor Xavier's baby Dora who was around the common room sometimes.

And right now, she had to focus on the choir. Her cousin had placed a lot of trust in her and she wanted to do her best. Most of the time though, Ruby got one of the portraits to help direct them. They knew what they were doing better than she did. However, the Teppenpaw was always welcome to song suggestions from any member of the choir, even Muggle songs, just as Angelique had. Her cousin had always been sort of desperate for acceptance and friendship and that made her more agreeable to what others wanted then she otherwise would have been. Ruby, however, felt that was the right thing to do anyway.

The choir members arrived and the fourth year smiled broadly and greeted them with enthusiasm. "Hello everyone!" Ruby exclaimed, "What do you guys want to sing today?"

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