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Camden Miller
Getting this show started!
Sun Oct 16, 2016 14:09

Studying was hard. Very hard, but a necessary evil - according to his mother. Well, she didn't think it was evil, but Camden did. The Pecari had a hard time during the week - and sometimes during the weekend -, but the third-year needed a break from essays and homework. Camden needed help with school, he had always needed it. Back at home his mother also the played the role of tutor, but at Sonora he had to seek help elsewhere. The professors were nice to help him out, but Prof. Skies was the best with her program. He really appreciated all the extra effort from the Sonora staff. They were pretty cool. Camden wasn't dumb, he just had trouble retaining the information.

The Pecari entered MARS looking for a distraction after a long session of going over notes and doing homework - His mother would be proud! The brown-haired boy could already feel the excitement of physical activity the second he entered MARS and went directly to the Sports Room. There was something about being able to stretch and do powerful things with one's body that made Camden soar with the sentiment that everything was possible.

Camden opened the door to find it unoccupied, which disappointed him quite a bit. There was nothing better than to be able to practice with a real human being. Quidditch was much MUCH exciting with other people.

The Pecari gently placed his satchel full of his quidditch things and began getting them out of it. Camden looked at his gloves, his Beater Bat and protecting gear with a smirk in his face. He was going to actually try-out next year with full glory. He felt like he was at a disadvantage due to his Muggle upbringing, but he was doing his best to catch up with everyone else, and he thought he was doing splendidly.

The 13-year old started putting his gear on when he heard someone enter the room. He didn't see the person that did, but Camden just peeped out, “Hi! Hope you don't mind sharing with me.” His voice was friendly and inviting. He was always happy to meet someone new. Friends made everything better! Besides, if it was an older student he could learn something from them.

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