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Prof. Isis Carter
Ethiopia group meeting!
Thu Dec 29, 2016 15:22

The trouble with being a substitute leading a fair group was the lack of classroom. Isis knew most of her coworkers, the regularly scheduled professors, would probably have their groups meet up in their specific classroom, which didn’t quite work out for her. The only other person with this issue was sure to be the medic, who technically had the hospital wing at her disposal but, Isis imagined, would probably not want a group of children hanging around where there was sure to be sensitive or otherwise dangerous equipment.

So the Pecari Head of House opted for MARS, specifically the water room. She figured it was more private and less noisy than the Cascade Hall would be, plus a nice beach scene would probably be overall more pleasant for her gaggle of third years.

She still wasn’t sure how that happened, unless they had all signed up together on purpose. She knew that Theresa Whittaker and Raine Collindale, at least, were Nevaeh’s friends, and Tasha DuBois was her roommate. Mostly, Isis just could not believe that Nevaeh had actually selected to be in her group. That boded well, although it made her incredibly nervous, wanting desperately to prove herself in this eyes of this little girl. Her little girl.

Isis took a deep breath. No time for worrying now, as her group began arriving. “Hey, everyone,” she said with a smile. “Welcome to the Ethiopia group. As you know, you guys are now responsible for planning, setting up, and running a booth on Ethiopia at the fair at the end of the year. What you choose to focus on within Ethiopia’s culture is entirely up to you. I’m only here to moderate, so if anyone has an idea to start with, let’s get this discussion going.” She imagined some groups had probably began with personal introductions, but as yearmates in a relatively small school, she assumed everyone knew each other well enough to just dive right in.

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    • Getting things started.Joe Umland, Thu Dec 29 17:12
      Joe had expected his Fair group to end up a little unusual and had looked forward to it for that reason. He had not, however, expected said group to be entirely made up of third years and almost... more
      • Taking things forwardRaine Collindale, Mon Jan 2 08:00
        Raine made her way to the MARS room, excited to get working on the fair. She already knew most of her group, and the two she wasn’t already friends with she knew from just… around. Joe had also sent... more
        • Being super enthusiastic!!!!Tasha DuBois, Mon Jan 16 17:51
          Tasha was super super excited about the first meeting of the Ethiopia group. In fact she was super super excited about the fair in general. The Aladren was quite the world traveller even at her age,... more
          • Great!Joe Umland, Tue Feb 14 12:23
            Joe couldn’t help but smile as Tasha DuBois went from Typical Pureblood Girl Number Five-Hundred Eighty-Nine to a chatty bundle of enthusiasm for the project, even as he had to blink at the idea of... more
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