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Joe Umland
Getting things started.
Thu Dec 29, 2016 17:12

Joe had expected his Fair group to end up a little unusual and had looked forward to it for that reason. He had not, however, expected said group to be entirely made up of third years and almost entirely made up of girls – ‘almost’ solely because of Joe’s own participation. When he had seen Nevaeh signed up, he had expected Barnaby Pye, at the very least, would naturally follow, but that had not happened. It was just Joe, Nevaeh, Tasha, Raine, and Tess Whittaker.

He was optimistic about the project anyway. One person he knew was cool, two he’d wanted to get to know better anyway, and if Tasha was too violently opposed to the existence of people outside her own social class, Joe assumed she wouldn’t have joined a group full of them, which meant she might be cool too and was at the very least probably someone who could be worked with. As long as no-one questioned Joe’s masculinity as a result of his being on a team of girls, which he didn’t think was likely when he didn’t recall making any enemies in his day and the yearbook had never suggested he’d missed one or two, the fact that his group was entirely, other than himself, made up of girls from his year was more interesting than worrisome to him.

The beach scene in MARS was a tad distracting to him when he arrived for the meeting – Joe had only seen the ocean two or three times in his life, but he found it fascinating, and there was the bit of him that understood how John saw the world which was also fascinated by this half-(but not entirely)illusory representation of it worked – but he managed to pull his eyes away from the waves when Professor Carter started speaking. He was a little surprised to hear that they were entirely responsible for organizing and developing the booth, he had expected the adults to set them tasks and expect them to do them like extra homework, but he thought his team should be all right. They were, he thought, a pretty solid bunch, and he doubted Professor Carter was telling them the complete, unvarnished truth. If the staff members had not been meant to push them back into line if they got too far off the mark, he wasn’t sure what they were even at the head of the groups for.

Joe had brought a notebook and a pen to jot down notes with and opened these as Professor Carter opened the floor to comment. “Hi, everyone.” Here was hoping nobody thought it had been weird for him to send the whole group candygrams before midterm. “I was thinking about what Professor Skies said when she made the announcement a few months ago – should we each pick something and research that, or work in mini-teams on three different things, or what?” It would have been ideal, Joe thought, to have three teams of two, but two teams of two and one team of three could work, too. Mini-teams could also keep someone shyer, like Raine, from having to make a big public contribution if she didn’t want to, or at least more than each person taking something could do. However, they could cover more ground individually, though that did leave the problem of how to organize it into a coherent booth….”On, uh, specific things, I kind of like to cook,” he offered, remembering that while he thought organizing things up-front was the most important bit (there was a reason he had seriously worried about being put in Crotalus when he came to Sonora), that wasn’t exactly what Professor Carter had asked. “And music would be cool.”

  • Ethiopia group meeting!Prof. Isis Carter, Thu Dec 29 15:22
    The trouble with being a substitute leading a fair group was the lack of classroom. Isis knew most of her coworkers, the regularly scheduled professors, would probably have their groups meet up in... more
    • Getting things started. — Joe Umland, Thu Dec 29 17:12
      • Taking things forwardRaine Collindale, Mon Jan 2 08:00
        Raine made her way to the MARS room, excited to get working on the fair. She already knew most of her group, and the two she wasn’t already friends with she knew from just… around. Joe had also sent... more
        • Being super enthusiastic!!!!Tasha DuBois, Mon Jan 16 17:51
          Tasha was super super excited about the first meeting of the Ethiopia group. In fact she was super super excited about the fair in general. The Aladren was quite the world traveller even at her age,... more
          • Great!Joe Umland, Tue Feb 14 12:23
            Joe couldn’t help but smile as Tasha DuBois went from Typical Pureblood Girl Number Five-Hundred Eighty-Nine to a chatty bundle of enthusiasm for the project, even as he had to blink at the idea of... more
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