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Raine Collindale
Taking things forward
Mon Jan 2, 2017 08:00

Raine made her way to the MARS room, excited to get working on the fair. She already knew most of her group, and the two she wasn’t already friends with she knew from just… around. Joe had also sent out candy canes to all the group members at the end of last term, so she was confident that he was friendly, and she gave him a warm smile as she entered the room.

Professor Carter’s introduction was brief, essentially they had a free reign. Raine was excited about that, as she’d already come up with an idea but hadn’t been sure whether it would fit the format. It sounded though, like things were very open, which was good. She had been a little worried when she signed up that it would just be like doing extra homework but it seemed they were free to tackle the project how they wanted.

“I’d like to work together on things,” she replied to Joe’s question. She hadn’t joined a group project just to go and do a load of solo research. “I was thinking, could we write to some people? We could find a magical school in Ethiopia and write them letters. That way, we could learn what it’s really like to live there, not just what it says about it in books.” Raine wasn’t great at researching that way but she also really thought it would make it a more genuine experience to talk to the people from the country they were representing.

  • Getting things started.Joe Umland, Thu Dec 29 17:12
    Joe had expected his Fair group to end up a little unusual and had looked forward to it for that reason. He had not, however, expected said group to be entirely made up of third years and almost... more
    • Taking things forward — Raine Collindale, Mon Jan 2 08:00
      • Being super enthusiastic!!!!Tasha DuBois, Mon Jan 16 17:51
        Tasha was super super excited about the first meeting of the Ethiopia group. In fact she was super super excited about the fair in general. The Aladren was quite the world traveller even at her age,... more
        • Great!Joe Umland, Tue Feb 14 12:23
          Joe couldn’t help but smile as Tasha DuBois went from Typical Pureblood Girl Number Five-Hundred Eighty-Nine to a chatty bundle of enthusiasm for the project, even as he had to blink at the idea of... more
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