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Tasha DuBois
Being super enthusiastic!!!!
Mon Jan 16, 2017 17:51

Tasha was super super excited about the first meeting of the Ethiopia group. In fact she was super super excited about the fair in general. The Aladren was quite the world traveller even at her age, something that had happened because her mother loved to travel so the love of doing so had been passed on. It had been such a way of life to Tasha that going to Sonora was something of a shock to her system.

And she couldn't help but feel alienated here a little. She didn't particularly fit in with her classmates. Part of that was the travel thing of course and all the experiences she'd had that they hadn't. And being at school was so super lonely without friends. It just made her wish she was back with her parents in some far off location sometimes.

But she knew she had to keep trying as she was obviously not going to drop out of school.After all, her classmates had signed up for a fair booth, that meant they had to be interested in other cultures right? At least Ethiopian culture? For Tasha, along with music, other cultures were what she was most interested in, food in particular.

She couldn't help but beam when Joe mentioned her two favorite things, food-well cooking, which admittedly she really didn't know how to do other than what she'd done in baking club-and music. "Oh Merlin, yes! Ethiopian food is a must! I went there over midterm more or less to you know, research and experience the country I signed up for." She was dimly aware that this might mark her as Privileged and while that was simply a fact, it was something else that marked her as different than her yearmates. Something they could resent her for but Tasha was just so overall excited, "And it is delicious. Music is a must too. I mean, I'm not sure that we can play instruments ourselves-I mean, I play trumpet and they do have trumpet like instrument called a malakat that's ceremonial. But we could like have some sort of traditional music playing in the background.

Next the Aladren turned to Raine. "That's a great idea too! I mean, I was there for like the duration of midterm, that's not nearly as good as learning from those who live there. Maybe we could all end up with Ethiopian penpals. That would be so amazing!" Of course, Tasha had penpals in other countries, but that didn't mean she wouldn't welcome another.

She realized now that she should probably contribute an idea of her own. "Maybe we can have like Ethiopian art decorating our booth too?" Tasha suggested.

  • Taking things forwardRaine Collindale, Mon Jan 2 08:00
    Raine made her way to the MARS room, excited to get working on the fair. She already knew most of her group, and the two she wasn’t already friends with she knew from just… around. Joe had also sent... more
    • Being super enthusiastic!!!! — Tasha DuBois, Mon Jan 16 17:51
      • Great!Joe Umland, Tue Feb 14 12:23
        Joe couldn’t help but smile as Tasha DuBois went from Typical Pureblood Girl Number Five-Hundred Eighty-Nine to a chatty bundle of enthusiasm for the project, even as he had to blink at the idea of... more
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