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Natalie Atwater
Be yourself!
Tue Jan 17, 2017 02:35

Natalie adored the water room and spent every possible moment there doing various aquatic activities. And there were such a variety to be had! Snorkling, parasailing-she had had the best time parasailing on St. Berylla's last summer. Her father and sister-the same sister who insisted they needed basic flying lessons so they could, in Kelsey's words. look rightfully superior to Muggleborns-were less than enthused about this and even Mother was worried about Natalie's safety. At least though, Mother was wary for the the right reasons. Because she loved and cared about Natalie and didn't want her getting hurt. Still, St Berylla's was not America. It was governed by Livilia. Same island where her cousin Serena was princess and Serena's husband, Prince Oscar had basically given them the go ahead if they so wanted. After taking safety lessons of course.

However, that wasn't what Natalie was here for today. Today, she was in for some kayaking. Unfortunately, when she got there, she wasn't alone. She understood, of course, that the room was for all students and it was first come, first serve but she had really wanted to go kayaking. The Pecari didn't always know what to do when the water room was unavailable. Studying was boring and she didn't have a solid group of friends just yet.

The current occupant was a second year girl that Natalie recognized as Georgia Kirkly. Her name was on not on Kelsey's approved list but the Pecari did not care. The other girl looked quite sad about something, like she had been crying as her eyes were all puffy. Well, either that or she had quite bad allergies and needed to take something for them.

Before Natalie could do anything, Georgia spoke.

“Sorry – I was just... um... I can go, if you want the room?”

"Um, no, that's okay." The Pecari replied, even though she had very much wanted it. She didn't want to take it away from someone who was upset though. "Are you all right?" Natalie asked.

  • To be or not to beGeorgia Kirkly (or Jeffries?), Thu Jan 12 10:27
    It was official. All through on paper and everything. They were divorced. She had known it was coming. 'Separated' was just a holding phase on the way there. She'd never heard of people whose parents ... more
    • Be yourself! — Natalie Atwater, Tue Jan 17 02:35
      • Georgia bit her lip at Natalie’s question. She didn’t like to lie, even if it was just the acceptable, almost expected, ‘fine thanks’ when someone caught you crying, or just after it in this case. It ... more
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