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Ben Pierce
Sports Club in the Sports Room
Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:41

Ben stood in the middle of the room on Sunday afternoon, the day after the Teppenpaw Crotalus Quidditch game. He'd already been planning this meeting by himself, as Gabe was busy with his pre-match training, but then his friend and co-coordinator fell sick the day of the match, so Ben wasn't really expecting him to even show up today.

"Hey everyone," he greeted cheerfully as people started arriving. "We're going to see how many people we've got, but I'm thinking we'll do a ping pong tournament today." This was evident by the number of table tennis tables set up in the room. Ping pong had the nice advantage of being pretty quick so they could get through a lot of games if they had a big turn-out today, and not needing teams if they got an odd number of people. If turnout was low, they just wouldn't use as many tables, and they'd still all get to play a bunch. Good deal all around.

"So pick out a paddle," he pointed out the bin of paddles in a variety of different colors, "and gather around that table there for the demo. Does anyone else already know how to play? I need a volunteer for the demo."

Once he had one, and everyone seemed to have arrived, he went through the basic rules of the game, first in lecture format then as he and his volunteer faced off against each other in the demonstration game. "Any other questions?" He fielded the ones raised now, then instructed, "Okay, I'm going to quick set up a some round robin pools, then we'll rank those and get into direct eliminations. I won't be playing today, so I can answer any of your questions and keep the tournament running smoothly. Give me a minute." He started filling out some pool sheets then directed people off to tables once he had them filled out. "Grab a ping pong ball from the bucket and get started. Games in the pools go to five. When you finish, tell me your winner and final score and I'll tell you who you are up against next."

Once everyone was playing he walked among the groups, offering advice or recording game scores on his sheets.

OOC: For simplicity, I'm not going to assign pools, so whoever posts second is playing against whoever posts first, third poster starts another game and fourth person is playing against #3, and so forth. Feel free to call over Ben and have him answer simple questions, or tag me to settle greater disputes.

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