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Emilia-Louise Scott
You think that you can take me on?
Wed Jan 18, 2017 13:34

Emmy-Lou had thoroughly enjoyed a wide range of sports before starting Sonora and had tried to keep as many of them up as she could since. In some cases, she’d just had to wait until she went home for the holidays because of the limitations of school resources. Thus she had been thrilled when a couple of boys from the year below had started up a Sports Club, opening up the opportunity to play muggle team sports that she’d believed to be pretty much off the table beforehand.

Today they were playing ping pong, which admittedly wasn’t one of Emmy-Lou’s favourite sports but she had a competitive streak so would try her hand at not getting knocked out of the tournament too early on.

“I do,” Emmy-Lou offered herself up as a volunteer for the demo, having grabbed a green bat. She had always liked the fact that she knew some muggle things (because growing up she’d been surrounded by people who knew next to nothing about the muggle world) so wasn’t going to shy away from that now, even when there were actual muggles in the mix. She did as Ben Pierce asked of her, helping him to demonstrate how the game worked, and then went to the table she was directed to.

Having had a little warm up with the demo, she was rather keen now to get underway with the tournament and hopefully kick some butt.

“You ready? Do you know what you’re doing?” Emmy-Lou asked her first opponent, ball in hand and ready to start whenever they were. She might want to do well in the tournament but it was really just about having fun and for that to happen, she wanted to make sure her opponents understood the game so they could share that fun.

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    • You think that you can take me on? — Emilia-Louise Scott, Wed Jan 18 13:34
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