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Jax Donovan
What is this? (Table#2)
Thu Jan 19, 2017 16:48

Jax had only joined the Sports Club because of Sammy Meeks. She loved to play these things and for some reason, Jax was the only person she could think of to do them with her. He didn’t really mind as it usually was a nice way to sort of get rid of the extra energy he could have from time to time, but some of these sports were strange and people in this school were far too competitive with these things than he really cared to be.

For a while, Sammy stopped reminding him (or rather, dragging) him to the meetings, so he didn’t really make much effort to attend them. He assumed she had found another person to go with or was too busy with her own schedule to be able to make the meetings. He didn’t care one way or another. Playing catch with her was fun, coming to the meetings were interesting enough, but Jax wasn’t a group joiner so without Sammy, he felt no urge to go.

Today, however, he came. He wasn’t sure why other than he had a lot on his mind and he didn’t want to be alone to think about any of it. This was a decent enough distraction and typically can get his heart rate pumping that he thought he would come without the prompting of Sammy (maybe even surprise her if she came to this particular meeting by being there). He was a little disappointed to see tables with small nets across the middle as though shrunken people were going to play that volleyball sport they had played last year.

He watched as Ben demonstrated the game alongside Emilia Louise and wondered where Gabe and gone off too. They were fun to watch host this club together. The game itself seemed straightforward but Jax did not want to work with Emilia Louise because she had just proven that she could play it and as he had never even heard of ping pong, he didn’t really want to try that hard at it. He grabbed a random paddle and an empty table, swinging his arm slightly to familiarize himself with the feeling of it. What a weird sport. Why would Muggles find this enjoyable?

Jax’s face had a sour look to it as he thought about how useless this was and his eyes narrowed when someone came up to stand across from him at the table. “I do not play so if you are looking for a competitor, it will not be me.” He advised them firmly.

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    • What is this? (Table#2) — Jax Donovan, Thu Jan 19 16:48
      • It's ping pong, luggy.Luke Powell, Sat Jan 21 14:52
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    • You think that you can take me on?Emilia-Louise Scott, Wed Jan 18 13:34
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