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Ayla Tremaine
Music and Lyrics ((Tag: Sawyer!))
Sat Jan 21, 2017 02:04

During her break, Ayla was lucky enough to be able to visit Kit and Sawyer on her first annual “Tour de Friends”. She got to meet parts of their families, and see a little of their lives outside of Sonora. Now that they were back, however, Ayla seemed to be a little strapped for time between all of her different activities. She at least got to see Gwen everyday, and passed Sawyer in the common room, but she missed actually having face time with them. Plus she still had gifts to deliver! She asked Sawyer to meet her in the music room, which served dual purposes. She could spend some time with him away from their housemates, and maybe they could play something together.

It had taken some time to figure out what to get him, but Ayla had settled on an Italian leather guitar strap and a set of mother of pearl picks. Maybe a little over the top, but she couldn’t resist. Sawyer was the only other person she knew who loved music like she did, and she thought he was great, so why not show him that?

She left a little early, and was happy to find the music room unoccupied. Ayla made her way over to the piano and sat down, placing Sawyer’s gifts next to her on the bench. She started to play a few notes, and then added chords, humming to herself as she played. It wasn’t a song that had words yet, just a melody. She’d been working on it for over a year now, but lyrics just weren’t her strong suit.

When she heard the door open, Ayla’s eyes shot up, and a dimpled grin appeared on her face.
“Hey, you!” She said, scooting to one side of the bench to make room for him and then patting the empty space between herself and the gift. “Thank you for coming! Do you want to play something with me?” She asked hopefully.

    • And Presents!Sawyer, Wed Jan 25 00:55
      Sawyer was glad when he had been invited to the Music room by Ayla. He hadn’t had an opportunity to present her with her gift. It wasn’t much, but he had always been taught that it was the thought... more
      • Who doesn't like presents?!Ayla, Tue Feb 14 03:24
        Hanging out with Sawyer was definitely something that Ayla enjoyed. Aside from the fact that she thought he was cute, he was also really talented, and she loved how their voices fit together. “A warm ... more
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