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Luke Powell
It's ping pong, luggy.
Sat Jan 21, 2017 14:52

Even though surfing was his passion, Luke loved many sports. He felt a need to be active and sports gave him an outlet for his energy, in a super fun way. The main reason he’d started playing Quidditch in particular was because he knew it was the one sport played at Sonora. As it turned out he was kind of wrong there, to some extent at least, because there was a sport club.

This club had been the first that he’d signed up for and the one he’d easily been most eager to attend. Luke had been surprised that they played Muggle sports, which was awesome. He knew a lot of Muggle sports, having gone to a Muggle school and had Muggle friends, and had always been particularly good at volleyball since he got to play it a lot on the beach.

Today wasn’t quite as fun as some previous Sports Club sessions since they were playing ping pong. Luke wasn’t very experienced in this sport at all, but from what he knew it sounded pretty boring. He probably wouldn’t have thought that if he could play it better and do all the cool shots, but he didn’t know any so would have to accept that he might look like a loser. Ping pong was kind of like mini Swivenhodge, but a boring version without brooms.

He watched Ben and Emmy-Lou’s demonstration, although he wasn’t expecting to see any cool tricks that he could pick up. They were teaching a bunch of people who had never come across most Muggle sports before so it wasn’t going to get too advanced. That wasn’t to say Luke didn’t think that Ben and Emmy-Lou could play to such a standard. Ben had to be pretty good since he was the leader of the club, and if his Quidditch skills were anything to go by, he was an awesome athlete. And Luke knew that Emmy-Lou knew her Muggle sports, which had surprised him the first time he’d met her, given that she was Zane and Ryan’s cousin. Even though the Kinsell brothers considered themselves sporting kings (or rather Zane did - Ryan was way too modest) they’d never been clued up on non-magical sports. They didn’t really know anything about Muggles full stop, probably because they were Kinsells. Although in a world so full of Muggles, Luke found it hard to believe that anyone could lack so much knowledge about them and put it down to snobbery.

Whatever his thoughts were on the sport, Luke could see the session being fun, if he could pull it together and play decently. He naturally had good ball skills so he didn’t see ping pong really being too tough, especially against those without any prior experience playing it. Sports Club was run well (props to Ben and his friend Gabe) and a tournament was a cool idea.

Grabbing a bat and a ball, he headed off to his first table. The older guy across from him didn’t look so friendly, which was strange because Luke was fairly sure he was the one that Joella hung around with. The first year wondered if the guy was taking this a bit seriously until he spoke. This was a tournament and thus every game they played would be a competition, whether an easy win for one person or not.

He felt a bit unnerved by the foreign-sounding guy’s attitude, but Luke wasn’t going to let that show. Luke shrugged. “I’ve not played much before either. But we have to compete, otherwise we’ll mess up the whole tournament,” he explained, not understanding why the older boy didn’t get that. Was a tournament really that hard a concept to comprehend? They couldn’t just have a bat about as they liked - they needed to keep score. Maybe they didn’t have tournaments wherever this guy was from. Weird.

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    • It's ping pong, luggy. — Luke Powell, Sat Jan 21 14:52
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