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Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.
Sun Jan 22, 2017 01:56

Georgia bit her lip at Natalie’s question. She didn’t like to lie, even if it was just the acceptable, almost expected, ‘fine thanks’ when someone caught you crying, or just after it in this case. It made her feel really awkward because it was so blatantly untrue.

“I had some thinking to do,” she answered instead. “It’s ok now,” she added.

And it sort of was. The decision was made, and she felt better for it. She could maybe try to put it to one side, stop thinking about it for a bit. That actually sounded really good. Yes, what she needed right now was…

“What were you planning to use the room for?” she asked. “I could actually do with a distraction.” Ok, the most likely answer was swimming, and she hadn’t brought anything she could wear, but if that was the case, then… well, she could always go get it, she supposed. In reality, of course, that might not happen. She didn’t really know this girl, and it was probably going to have to be one of those spontaneous on-the-moment things or the spell would be broken. But right now Georgia could picture herself splashing around, just kicking back and having some fun. She made a mental note to try it as well the next time Farrah asked whether she was ok and she wasn’t really. Maybe she didn’t need to be such a downer all the time.

  • Be yourself!Natalie Atwater, Tue Jan 17 02:35
    Natalie adored the water room and spent every possible moment there doing various aquatic activities. And there were such a variety to be had! Snorkling, parasailing-she had had the best time... more
    • Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn. — Georgia, Sun Jan 22 01:56
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