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Diana Carey
One handhold at a time
Sun Jan 22, 2017 13:20

It couldn’t possibly explain everything, but there were times when Diana thought that height must be part of the reason why her family had deliberately developed a fearsome reputation for itself. There were exceptions – Uncle Anthony and Arthur were among them – but most of Diana’s family ranged from ‘on the shorter side’ to ‘tiny.’

Diana was in between those two extremes, though admittedly closer to the latter than the former. She would have blamed her mother if not for their figures – Regina Carey didn’t have that kind of figure now, but pictures of her from before and not long after she married Diana’s father showed that Gigi had been very dainty before she had seven children, while Diana was someone who’d had to be careful about what she ate since she was thirteen. Short she was, but wispy she was not.

Normally she didn’t see that as necessarily a bad thing. Curly dark hair, a bosom, and a voice which had settled in the alto range weren’t fashionable at the moment, exactly, but Diana didn’t mind standing out just a little. Right now, though, watching as Ingrid demonstrated what she meant by climbing, Diana thought that at least being very slim would have been good for an hour, and being taller could have helped, too….

She wasn’t sure she saw the point of the exercise, either – if she wanted to jump from the top and float down, couldn’t she just get the room to give her stairs to climb that high instead? – but, well, she was here. She smiled, too, as Ingrid landed. “Here goes,” she said lightly. “I’ll understand if you laugh when I land flat on my back,” she added.

Level one was using anything she could reach. Diana tested out the bottom handholds and footholds first, seeing how her hands and feet fit into them. She suspected she was going to have to redo her nails later, but that was not a major problem. Stretching between holds was still not so easy for her as it had looked for Ingrid – she was sure she made several distinctly unladylike facial expressions along the way, and muttered an unladylike expression she’d picked up from her father when one of her nails did start to splinter a little when she grabbed the handhold with the tips of her fingers and pulled up hard – but she made it almost halfway up before her foot slipped and sent her floating back toward the ground, slowly enough that she was able to cross her ankles out of habit before she reached the ground and had to quickly uncross them to land.

“We need to have more dances around here,” she said, smiling and hoping her flushing would be recognized as exertion rather than embarrassment. “Or else I need to make my brothers climb trees me with again this summer. I’m getting too soft sitting around studying all the time.” She smoothed a few curls away from her forehead. “What do you and Joella do?” she asked. “Have races, or just – climb for the exercise?” she asked.

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