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And Presents!
Wed Jan 25, 2017 00:55

Sawyer was glad when he had been invited to the Music room by Ayla. He hadn’t had an opportunity to present her with her gift. It wasn’t much, but he had always been taught that it was the thought that counted. For Ayla, he had gotten her sheet music so that she could work on her music. She had an amazing voice and could play piano as well. He hoped this would inspire her to write all of the notes dancing around in her head.

“Hey,” Sawyer replied taking a seat on the bench. He put his messenger bag down on the floor next to him. The gift safely inside. “Sure, let’s do a warm up first.” He figured that would be best cause they hadn’t practiced together in a bit. Plus, it was always a good idea when vocal cords were involved. “After that, if you want, we can play that muggle song you were teaching me. I can’t promise I’ll remember all the words though.” He half-grinned at her. He was only teasing her. Of course, he knew the lyrics just as he knew the notes.

After they had finished, Sawyer paused. “Before we continue, I have something for you.” He picked up his bag and rifled through it before pulling out a box, wrapped in silver with a red bow. It was terribly wrapped. He was awful at wrapping presents, but had wanted to do it himself. The paper was bunched in places and the corners folded oddly, but he was proud of it cause he had done it himself. He just hoped that she liked what was inside.

  • Music and Lyrics ((Tag: Sawyer!))Ayla Tremaine, Sat Jan 21 02:04
    During her break, Ayla was lucky enough to be able to visit Kit and Sawyer on her first annual “Tour de Friends”. She got to meet parts of their families, and see a little of their lives outside of... more
    • And Presents! — Sawyer, Wed Jan 25 00:55
      • Who doesn't like presents?!Ayla, Tue Feb 14 03:24
        Hanging out with Sawyer was definitely something that Ayla enjoyed. Aside from the fact that she thought he was cute, he was also really talented, and she loved how their voices fit together. “A warm ... more
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