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Winston Pierce
[Water Room] This is bad. This is very bad.
Fri Jan 27, 2017 17:09

As the weather got nicer and the course work got harder, Winston increasingly just wanted to go for cold refreshing dip in the pond back home. Lacking that, he headed to the water room in MARS. Opening the door was like opening a portal back to the mountains of New Hampshire. There were minor differences to the pond of his childhood - the water looked deeper, and there were fewer plants and rocks obstructing his way; little things that improved on the real place, making an already wonderful spot just about perfect.

Almost forgetting he was in a public room at school rather that a secluded spot on private property, he moved toward the pond, letting the door swing closed behind him, and striping down to his underwear. At home, on his family's private property with little chance of being disturbed even by his relatives, he would have gone in naked, but he recalled his current circumstances just enough to keep on that last layer of decency.

The water was frigid, as the mountain spring fueled pond back home was, and Winston shrieked as he ran into its chilly embrace, tripping over a submerged log and sinking beneath the surface with a great deal of flailing and splashing. He came up again sputtering and laughing and yelling just because he could and it was really freaking cold.

He splashed around some more, getting used to the temperature pretty quickly, and the water and the surrounding forest washed off and absorbed the worst of his accumulated stresses. It felt good to finally just let go of being dignified and proper all the time in front of everybody, in only for a just few minutes.

Of course a new stress arose, in the form of another student standing near the shore, not too far from his discarded clothing, and Winston shrank down into the water up to his chin, glad for the dirt he'd kicked up to murk up the water's earlier clarity.

"Oh," he said, trying for cool and dignified and failing completely, hitting embarrassed and dismayed instead. "I didn't see you there."

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