Farrah Welsh
Friends that skate together.... (Georgia/Kellen)
Sat Jan 28, 2017 21:38

At the start of the year, Farrah had discussed with Kellen the idea of her inviting both him and Georgia to ice skate with her. She knew that Kellen was terrified of the water and even though he said that he was going to attempt to get over it, she was not naive enough to believe that it was as easy as he was making it sound. She appreciated any effort that he was going to put into it, but she wanted him to do it for himself and not for her. Until that happened though, she wanted to minimize his anxiety while still being able to spend time with him, so she was going to do the route of the ice rink, which he said he could handle better than a pond.

She had originally thought about having them get together just before they went off to Christmas, but so much was going on then that she had sort of forgotten about it and then the holidays had passed. Now spring on upon them, she wondered if it would be weird to ask them to go ice skating with her? But with their exams coming up and all the pressure with the Fair, Farrah thought that just having a couple of hours of skating and then going to get hot cocoa would just make things feel less stuffy and stressful. Plus, she just felt like all her extracurriculars and her study time was really cutting into her time with her friends.

She had spoken to each of the earlier that week saying that she booked the MARS sports room for some ice skating fun. She was bringing snacks and hot cocoa for them to have afterwards. She had tested the water room but it had only provided the rink and no skates. The sports room, however, provided all sorts of equipment as well as the rink. It wasn’t as pretty, but they could still skate and have fun and that was the whole point of it. She thought about inviting others too, but Farrah wasn’t sure who she was really friends with rather than just friendly with. There were difference and something she was steadily beginning to understand. She tried to be more open and friendly towards people, but it didn’t really seem to pull people towards really wanting to me anymore of her friend then they currently were.

Oh well, at least she was trying, which is more than what she would have done back home.

Farrah had walked down to the MARS room with Kellen to meet Georgia for their afternoon of fun. She entered the room first because she didn’t want the room being confused with what she was looking for and smiled when the results were exactly as she wanted. “This is perfect!” Farrah exclaimed to Kellen as she pulled him in. She placed her bag on the ground and her skates on a bench. The hot cocoa was in a couple of thermoses that she had in a cooler in the bag along with the snacks. “Once Georgia gets here, we can get on the ice. You’re okay with this? If not, you don’t have to go out there.”

OOC: Received author approval for Kellen being with Farrah

    • Fall on their butts together?Kellen Mormont, Mon Jan 30 20:03
      After some Tai chi and a little bit of meditation that morning, Kellen was ready to ice skate. He still was determined to be able to skate on Farrah’s pond with her next term, but for now, he was... more
      • I was thinking the same thingGeorgia, Wed Feb 1 20:30
        Georgia was excited about their ice skating plans. She had been ice-skating exactly once in her whole life, for someone’s birthday. It had been an hour of nervously clinging to the side and awkwardly ... more
        • No Sillies, have fun together! Farrah, Wed Feb 8 12:15
          Farrah was relieved to hear that Kellen was alright with the set up. She wanted him to feel comfortable and confident while they had fun together. She didn't have much time to really to respond... more
          • As you wish Kellen, Tue Feb 14 19:41
            Kellen was happy to see Georgia. Granted, she was still a bit of an unknown as they'd never really spent time together without Farrah, but be liked her all the same. He wasn't sure what to do with... more
            • Awkward, awkward funGeorgia, Sat Feb 18 03:17
              “Thank you,” Georgia smiled, when Farrah mentioned how cute the scarf looked on her. She wasn’t very used to receiving compliments from anyone who wasn’t her mom or dad, who she had always been kind... more
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