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Ginger and Jemima
Art Club in the Art Room
Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:03

Ginger loved working with Jemima in Art Club. Art was so beautiful and nothing about it was at all stressful. She worked well with Jemima, too, and the planning they did before meetings was nearly as fun as the meeting itself, bouncing ideas off each other and trying to decide the best way to present the project and set up the room. By the end of it, Ginger often couldn't even remember which parts of it had been her ideas and which had been Jemima’s. It was collaborative enough that maybe none of it belonged entirely to only one of them.

Such was the case for today's project: landscapes. They had started with the idea of painting, but it had grown from there, and now the Arts Room in MARS had easels and paints for those who wanted to do that, but there were also charcoals for people who wanted to draw, clay for people who wanted to sculpt a mountain or whatever, and an assortment of random items, fake grass, tiny trees, little pebbles, colored papers, yarn, buttons, and scissors for people who wanted to scrapbook or build a more crafty representation of a landscape.

Each of the walls had what appeared to be large bay windows looking out over beautiful views; one showed a majestic mountain range, another looked out over a beautiful tropical beach that Ginger was really hoping she could replicate in the water room later for a fun swim, and more. Though some windows were only feet apart, they all looked out over entirely different scenes for a wide range of reference material to use in the creation process. Pillows were available to aid the comfort of anyone wishing to sit on their wide sills. They made Jemima’s head spin a little, in the good way that truly great magic could, in that she knew that what she was seeing made no sense and so she couldn’t stop turning from one window to the other.

“Brilliant,” Jemima grinned at the set up.

“Welcome to Art Club,” they took turns to smile and greet, as people assembled. It was hard to tell when everyone was there because it was a kind of drop in thing, and people didn’t always feel in the creative mood, but once it was five past the appointed hour, and the flow of people seemed to have stopped, they gave a brief introduction.

“So today, as you can probably guess, we’re going to be doing landscapes,” Jemima began, naturally tailing off and expecting Ginger to pick up. There wasn’t a huge amount to be said, but they tended to introduce it, and do so together. She had got used to being up in front of the group, and didn’t mind doing it by herself when Ginger was busy, but she was a firm believer in two heads being better than one, especially when they were her and her best friend’s. Art club just seemed to sort of happen naturally when they pooled their ideas.

“As you can see, we have a variety of ways for you to make your landscape, and a selection of landscapes to choose from as your inspiration,” Ginger continued. “So you can paint, sculpt, draw, craft, or do whatever strikes your muse today. Let us know if you need anything specific, and we’ll see if we can get if for you.” With the MARS room being as accommodating as they were, she didn’t foresee a problem with most requests if there was a request for something they hadn’t already thought up.

Once the group set to work, Jemima found that she couldn’t choose. The landscapes were all so enticing and she couldn’t pick a favourite. Plus there were so many mediums… She saw someone else looking similarly indecisive and made her way over.

“Hey, do you maybe fancy collaborating on something?” she asked. Perhaps two people without an idea weren’t a great combination but it was better than muscling in on someone who was already happily working away at their own thing. It was one of the downsides of Art Club that they tended to be doing their own thing - they were doing it all together, but still in their little bubbles. Perhaps they should have a joint project at the start of next year, to help new members settle in…

Meanwhile, Ginger was likewise stumped by the number of options available to her. She was pretty sure she wanted to do the crafty thing, but not so much which landscape to make with the supplies. Finding another person also collecting that kind of material, she asked, “Do you know what you’re making yet? I’m torn between a forest and a beach. The little trees are so cute, but the sand looks like a lot of fun to work with.”

OOC: Co-written by both authors

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