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Angelique Brockert
Mon Jan 30, 2017 13:16

Angelique wasn't entirely sure why she'd joined the Art Club since she wasn't exactly the best artist. Oh, she was decent at it but she wasn't what one would call amazingly gifted. Her gifts lied in the area of singing. Unfortunately, there was no club to enhance or demonstrate said skill.

It wasn't fair. Magical schools never seemed to really have arts programs. Art club and orchestra were both student led yet Quidditch was a school supported program with a hired coach who didn't really do anything except first year flying lessons and officiating games. The implication was clear, people held sports in higher regard than arts and music. Of course, had she not been in a jock filled year, and been totally friendless because of it, odds were Angelique never would have noticed. As it was, she had grown increasingly bitter towards athletic types and anything having to do with sports.

Art club, however, had been literally the only even remotely decent club that had been around her first year and she'd joined to give her something to do. Now, Angelique had picked up Fashion Club as well, but as she still needed something to do and it was now being ran by her first cousin's girlfriend and other friend, she decided to stick with it. Besides, it was kind of fun.

As for singing, well, unfortunately, it was a solitary endeavor at the moment. Not that Angelique minded being the only one singing since she had such a lovely voice. However, she was an inherently social person-which was why not having anything in common with her classmates was so awful-and she wanted friends more than anything. So, what better way than to start a choir? She'd get to share an activity she loved with others who loved it too. There had to be others who liked to sing besides her, right? Angelique really hoped so. She didn't think she could take being the odd one out again.

Plus, there were people at the very least who liked to join things. Chaslyn Brockert was going to graduate but there were still those two first year girls who seemed to be in like, just about everything too.

Ginger and Jemima began the lesson. Angelique had never considered herself an even remotely outdoorsy person but she could at some level appreciate the beauty of a landscape. So long as it was through the window or in a picture and she didn't have to get up close and personal with it.

She set herself up at one of the easels with canvas and paint. Angelique planned to paint a gorgeous sunset over the mountains, like she could see from her windows at home though she wasn't sure how accurate it would be when it wasn't directly in front of her.

As she began her work, Angelique turned to the person next to her and asked. "So what are you planning to do?"

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    • Painting — Angelique Brockert, Mon Jan 30 13:16
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