Kellen Mormont
Fall on their butts together?
Mon Jan 30, 2017 20:03

After some Tai chi and a little bit of meditation that morning, Kellen was ready to ice skate. He still was determined to be able to skate on Farrah’s pond with her next term, but for now, he was grateful that she’d opted for the vastly less horrifying version. Ice skating rinks only held a little bit of water before they were frozen, and you could see through it. Ponds, or any of body of water, were unreliable and filled with who knows what kind of aquatic life. Farrah taking his anxieties into consideration when planning this outing meant a lot to him, he just wasn’t sure how to express that to her.

He’d made sure to wear the scarf she’d given him for Christmas. He really did like it, but he hoped that maybe by wearing it, it’d help show her that he really appreciated her. He could also be overthinking it. Did girls notice subtle things like that?

Kellen was glad to see the rink when he was lead into the sports room by Farrah. Not that he’d doubted her, but anxiety often made one worry about things for no good reason. Even better, she seemed pleased with the setup, which was important to him, since she was sacrificing so much to make sure he was comfortable. He went to collect a pair of skates while Farrah set her stuff down on the bench, and then sat beside her as he tried them on.

He smiled at her question and looked up at her a he tied up his skates. “Yeah, of course. I’m good. I promise. I appreciate the invitation, and the lack of pond. This’ll be fun, assuming I don’t completely embarrass myself with my amazing lack of skills.”

  • Friends that skate together.... (Georgia/Kellen)Farrah Welsh, Sat Jan 28 21:38
    At the start of the year, Farrah had discussed with Kellen the idea of her inviting both him and Georgia to ice skate with her. She knew that Kellen was terrified of the water and even though he said ... more
    • Fall on their butts together? — Kellen Mormont, Mon Jan 30 20:03
      • I was thinking the same thingGeorgia, Wed Feb 1 20:30
        Georgia was excited about their ice skating plans. She had been ice-skating exactly once in her whole life, for someone’s birthday. It had been an hour of nervously clinging to the side and awkwardly ... more
        • No Sillies, have fun together! Farrah, Wed Feb 8 12:15
          Farrah was relieved to hear that Kellen was alright with the set up. She wanted him to feel comfortable and confident while they had fun together. She didn't have much time to really to respond... more
          • As you wish Kellen, Tue Feb 14 19:41
            Kellen was happy to see Georgia. Granted, she was still a bit of an unknown as they'd never really spent time together without Farrah, but be liked her all the same. He wasn't sure what to do with... more
            • Awkward, awkward funGeorgia, Sat Feb 18 03:17
              “Thank you,” Georgia smiled, when Farrah mentioned how cute the scarf looked on her. She wasn’t very used to receiving compliments from anyone who wasn’t her mom or dad, who she had always been kind... more
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