No Sillies, have fun together!
Wed Feb 8, 2017 12:15

Farrah was relieved to hear that Kellen was alright with the set up. She wanted him to feel comfortable and confident while they had fun together. She didn't have much time to really to respond though because Georgia joined them. Farrah smiled widely at her Teppenpaw friend. "Oh, I knew that would look cute on you!" She exclaimed when she saw that Georgia was wearing her Christmas gift.

Farrah's matching scarf to Kellen's was in her bag along with her pair of gloves and a sweater. She was currently wearing an extra long green long sleeved T-shirt over a pair of black leggings. The sweater was grey and would work with the green dragon scarf.

She was just finishing lacing up her skates when Georgia's question had her pause. "Oh..." She knew they weren't ice skaters like her but she wasn't sure if she could teach them how to balance on the ice. Luckily she spotted the equipment that actually did help with that. Standing, Farrah trekked without difficulty to these items that looked a bit like a walker that the elderly used.

"These help with balance for beginners." Farrah announced. "The trick it to not put all of your weight onto them because that will just push them out from her and make it more difficult." Farrah explained. "You keep your weight on feet and use this to find your balance. I know it sounds hard, but it gets easier." Farrah said giving them a smile.

Coming back over to the bench, she pulled her sweater on and wrapped her scarf around her. "See, twins." She commented to Kellen. "If you don't think those will work out, I can hold hands with you and try to help you get your balance?" She offered to the both of them. "Are you guys ready to head out there?"

  • I was thinking the same thingGeorgia, Wed Feb 1 20:30
    Georgia was excited about their ice skating plans. She had been ice-skating exactly once in her whole life, for someone’s birthday. It had been an hour of nervously clinging to the side and awkwardly ... more
    • No Sillies, have fun together! — Farrah, Wed Feb 8 12:15
      • As you wish Kellen, Tue Feb 14 19:41
        Kellen was happy to see Georgia. Granted, she was still a bit of an unknown as they'd never really spent time together without Farrah, but be liked her all the same. He wasn't sure what to do with... more
        • Awkward, awkward funGeorgia, Sat Feb 18 03:17
          “Thank you,” Georgia smiled, when Farrah mentioned how cute the scarf looked on her. She wasn’t very used to receiving compliments from anyone who wasn’t her mom or dad, who she had always been kind... more
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