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Who doesn't like presents?!
Tue Feb 14, 2017 03:24

Hanging out with Sawyer was definitely something that Ayla enjoyed. Aside from the fact that she thought he was cute, he was also really talented, and she loved how their voices fit together. “A warm up sounds good.” She replied with a smile. After all, you couldn’t expect to get the best sound out of any instrument without warming it up first. The voice was no different. She laughed at his comment about the song she’d been teaching him, somehow she didn’t believe him, but she’d find out soon enough whether or not he was bluffing.

“I got something for you too!” She grinned as he handed her his gift, admiring his rather endearing wrapping before pointing to the box at the end of the bench. Naturally, it was wrapped perfectly in Teppenpaw yellow paper with a maroon bow. She paused for a moment before carefully opening her gift. “Sawyer! You are so great!” Ayla leaned over and hugged him before quickly returning her attention back to the sheet music in her hands. “This is perfect. Maybe now I can finish my song! Thank you so much.” She couldn’t keep the smile off of her face as she flipped through the blank pages, imagining filling them up with her own compositions. The thought of them writing something together even crossed her mind.

“Open yours now!” She said excitedly, as she placed her sheet music atop the piano.”Hopefully they aren’t terrible…” Ayla started, pausing to allow Sawyer time to open his gift. “I don’t really know much about guitar picks…”

  • And Presents!Sawyer, Wed Jan 25 00:55
    Sawyer was glad when he had been invited to the Music room by Ayla. He hadn’t had an opportunity to present her with her gift. It wasn’t much, but he had always been taught that it was the thought... more
    • Who doesn't like presents?! — Ayla, Tue Feb 14 03:24
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