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Joe Umland
Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:23

Joe couldn’t help but smile as Tasha DuBois went from Typical Pureblood Girl Number Five-Hundred Eighty-Nine to a chatty bundle of enthusiasm for the project, even as he had to blink at the idea of going to Ethiopia over winter break. His family had been talking for years about going on holiday to England and Germany someday, but ‘someday’ was…at the very least after John was out of school, and probably Joe, too. They were not poor enough for tuition assistance and such even in their own country, so their holidays tended to be to the mountains once a year.

Rich enough to take him aback or not, though, she reminded him what he liked about Aladrens. They could be so enthusiastic about the most random things and he found it rather charming, in a way. He did not know if this was a direct consequence of growing up in his house or not, but at least, he thought, everyone was getting along so far….

“This is all great,” he said, wondering if Tasha meant to go back to Ethiopia over Easter and buy actual authentic artwork and a trumpet-like instrument to decorate with. That would be cool. Bit scary and a lot jealousy-inducing, but undeniably cool. “Maybe, depending on what the art is – I don’t know anything about African art – “ he admitted bluntly – “we could have an interactive part where people make something?” He looked back toward Raine. “And – were you thinking about incorporating having penfriends into the booth somehow, or just writing to learn more about the country?” he asked, making sure to smile as he spoke. He had no idea how they could incorporate the letters into the booth without it being weird – maybe profiles of Ethiopian students somehow? – but Raine could have an idea and he wanted to be sure she didn’t get talked over by the rest of them. She didn’t seem to feel too shy today, so maybe he had read her all wrong all along, but he doubted it would hurt anything. Specifics, or at least figuring out where the development of specifics was needed, were what he thought of as his thing.

  • Being super enthusiastic!!!!Tasha DuBois, Mon Jan 16 17:51
    Tasha was super super excited about the first meeting of the Ethiopia group. In fact she was super super excited about the fair in general. The Aladren was quite the world traveller even at her age,... more
    • Great! — Joe Umland, Tue Feb 14 12:23
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