As you wish
Tue Feb 14, 2017 19:41

Kellen was happy to see Georgia. Granted, she was still a bit of an unknown as they'd never really spent time together without Farrah, but be liked her all the same. He wasn't sure what to do with himself when Farrah commented on how cute her Christmas gift looked on her. He didn't disagree, so he smiled, nodded in agreement, and turned his attention back to his laces before the blush appeared on his face. He'd never really considered Georgia before, but it has hard not to notice her after she was pointed out like that. There weren't many similarities between the two as far as looks went, so it was interesting to Kellen that he'd reacted the way he had--stupid hormones.

After spending an inordinate amount of time on his laces and refocusing on his friends, Kellen stood up slowly, trying to find his balance. “I should have thought to master the cushioning charm before this.” He said with a smile, holding his arms out to try and steady himself. As Farrah explained to them about the walker looking thing, Kellen was suddenly grateful that it was just the three of them. Maybe it wouldn't be so embarrassing to use it since he was just with his friends. Cute friends. Lady friends.

“I think I'll try the age old method of hanging onto the wall first. Not that I'm against holding your hand, but I just know I'll bring us both down if I don't give myself a minute to find my sea legs.” He replied as Farrah returned to the bench near where he was standing. Kellen broke into a smile when she showed him her matching scarf. “Wonder twins!” He said, a little too enthusiastically, causing him to lose his balance for a second. He recovered somehow, and chuckled a little when asked of he was ready to hit the ice.

“As ready as I'm likely to get.” Kellen said, rather straight faced as he turned his attention to trying not to fall over. Carefully, step by tiny slow step, he made his way to the rink’s entrance.

  • No Sillies, have fun together! Farrah, Wed Feb 8 12:15
    Farrah was relieved to hear that Kellen was alright with the set up. She wanted him to feel comfortable and confident while they had fun together. She didn't have much time to really to respond... more
    • As you wish — Kellen, Tue Feb 14 19:41
      • Awkward, awkward funGeorgia, Sat Feb 18 03:17
        “Thank you,” Georgia smiled, when Farrah mentioned how cute the scarf looked on her. She wasn’t very used to receiving compliments from anyone who wasn’t her mom or dad, who she had always been kind... more
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