Awkward, awkward fun
Sat Feb 18, 2017 03:17

“Thank you,” Georgia smiled, when Farrah mentioned how cute the scarf looked on her. She wasn’t very used to receiving compliments from anyone who wasn’t her mom or dad, who she had always been kind of convinced were just lying to make her feel better anyway. She was too busy being a bit surprised and blushing herself to notice Kellen’s sudden interest in his laces. Even if she had done, she would have attributed it to Farrah’s presence rather than anything to do with her. Whilst she had more going on in certain areas than other girls her age, she definitely didn’t consider the possibility that any guys would look at her like that. The fact that her body had hit certain… milestones ahead of her classmates was more of an acute embarrassment than anything else. She bet no one else in her year had had to go bra shopping with their mom during the holidays, or talk about other, really gross aspects of growing up.

“It’s a time-honoured tradition,” she smiled at Kellen, as he said he’d choose the gripping-the-barrier method, kind of glad that he hadn’t opted for holding hands with Farrah as that would definitely have made it seem like a date that she was third-wheeling on. “And my usual method too. But I’ll give one of those walky things a go,” she added.

She pushed one of the metal frames onto the ice, and then stepped out after it. It definitely was easy to keep her balance, as she was just holding on, like Kellen, only in slightly more open space. She didn’t think there was too much risk of her making it slide away from her either, as it was actually surprisingly heavy. She pushed off, trying to make her feet glide a bit rather than just clomping across the ice. The frame shuddered and grudgingly moved an inch or two. She wasn’t sure whether it just wasn’t that mobile, or whether she just wasn’t getting the pushing action right with her feet. She shuffled forward a few hard-won steps.

“Well, at least I’m not flat on my backside yet,” she smiled. “Now, how do make it so that I’m actually moving like something more capable than a wounded hippo?” she asked with a laugh.

OOC - based somewhat on my own experience of using a very stylish penguin balancing aid and finding it surprisingly heavy and cumbersome.

  • As you wish Kellen, Tue Feb 14 19:41
    Kellen was happy to see Georgia. Granted, she was still a bit of an unknown as they'd never really spent time together without Farrah, but be liked her all the same. He wasn't sure what to do with... more
    • Awkward, awkward fun — Georgia, Sat Feb 18 03:17
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