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Listen to the music [Orchestra meeting!]
Mon Mar 27, 2017 16:50 (XFF:,

Music had always been Louis’s go-to for escaping the real world, and so, in an attempt to ignore the friendship problems caused by getting the prefect and Assistant Quidditch Captain positions, he focused enthusiastically on orchestra planning. It hadn’t taken him long to realise what an opportunity the midsummer concert would provide, and he was keen to find out what exactly his club members wanted to do.

He’d put out more posters around the school, eager to recruit new members, and had arranged to hold a meeting a few days after the start of term. He’d definitely missed playing with everyone, and was eager to get started once more.

“Welcome back, guys, and welcome to any new members,” he started, once the appointed meeting time had passed, and everyone was sitting down. “No doubt you all did lots of practising over summer, and are ready to dive straight back into playing.” He grinned as he said this, aware that music practice would not have been everyone’s top priority, and not actually upset at that idea. Music was meant to be fun, and he didn’t want anyone to be put off by feeling a sense of duty rather than happiness when it came to playing.

“So, I’m sure you’re all aware that the midsummer concert will give us a chance to play for the entire school. I reckon we should prepare a few pieces – I’ll talk to the professors about how many we’re actually allowed to do, but I don’t want us to be overloaded. I’ve got a suggestion box here, and some pieces of parchment, ready for your ideas. I want your input on what we’re going to play, both this year in general and at the concert, so please give suggestions, even if they’re vague.”

Emmy-Lou had actually given him the idea for the suggestion box, which was based on the one she had at fashion club. It definitely was easier than him forgetting things if he was inundated with people mentioning pieces to him, and would hopefully encourage any less confident people to get involved too.

“Also, I’d like to point out that playing in the orchestra doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to do your own performances at the concert too, or form smaller groups. On that note, if anyone wants any advice, or wants me to accompany them, I’d be happy to – just ask!”

Louis definitely wanted his members to try out their own arrangements, and would be on hand to give support if they needed it. He was also aware that some people, such as singers, might want a piano accompanist. He was making his own plans, too – in fact, he needed to speak to Gwen about that. They’d had a few piano sessions last year, which had all been good fun, and he was going to suggest that they sign up to perform a duet at the concert.

He allowed a few moments for any excited concert talk, and then called things back to order. “I thought we’d start with one of easier pieces from last year, see how rusty we’ve all become over the holidays.”

OOC: Mention of Gwen Fintoc and Louis's practices agreed by her author. If anyone wants Louis to accompany them, or to play a duet/in an ensemble, let me know in chatzy (the answer will be yes!). Also, do let me know if your characters have any preferred pieces or styles of music they would like to play with the orchestra, both in general and for the concert.

One more thing: concert structure hasn’t been announced yet, so Louis is just hypothesizing about people being able to do other performances too.

    • Sounds fun!Connor Priory, Sat Apr 22 15:40
      When Connor had heard about the orchestra, he'd been super excited. He'd been playing trombone since he was young and it was sort of his passion in life. His parents-mostly his father-had guided him... more
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