Connor Priory
Sounds fun!
Sat Apr 22, 2017 15:40

When Connor had heard about the orchestra, he'd been super excited. He'd been playing trombone since he was young and it was sort of his passion in life. His parents-mostly his father-had guided him away from playing Quidditch based on what happened to his mom when she was in school. Dad didn't want Connor-or his sisters-to have the same thing-or worse- happen to them and it really set off his anxiety to think of that happening to them too. So instead the first year was guided towards other activities, though he did enjoy flying and watching Quidditch.

His activity of choice was the trombone. It was so much fun and by now he was pretty good at it. Actually, Connor had some natural talent in music apparently. At least, that's what his instructor said when he first started. Therefore, that had been the natural choice for him to focus on. Plus, he got so much joy out of playing and performing.

And they were going to get to play at this year's concert too! That sounded so exciting! He looked over at Ivy, who was there with her piccolo and grinned.

Connor became even more enthusiastic at the mention of a suggestion box. He didn't have any ideas for what they should play-other than jazz, which he was quite fond of-but he had thought of a really cool idea. Maybe they could do performances during the Quidditch games to help get the crowd pumped. Surely, nobody needed complete silence for it, as most of the ones Connor had attended were full of cheering crowds and Ivy, when they'd been talking about clubs offered at school, had also mentioned a Spirit Club that her cousins said did cheers and stuff during the games. Maybe the two clubs could work in conjunction. Connor would be sure to write this idea down later.

And maybe he could even form a jazz combo for the concert as well. That would be so cool, though he was going to need more brass players. In fact, Connor seemed to be the only member of the low brass section period. How unfortunate.

That was the thing. Most people seemed to take up the piano or violin. How unfortunate and unbalanced that there were so many of one thing and so few of others. Thankfully, he wasn't the only brass player at all as he spotted an older girl with a trumpet. Connor took a seat next to her.

That's when he realized that he did not have the sheet music. If it was an easy piece, he could probably pick it up, but not by ear. While the Teppenpaw was pretty decent at playing the trombone, he wasn't that talented. Connor spoke up and asked Mr. Valois "Can I have the trombone part please?"

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    • Sounds fun! — Connor Priory, Sat Apr 22 15:40
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