Ben Pierce
Sports Club!
Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:59

OOC: As Gabe has been MIA for the better part on an IC year, I am assuming they agreed mutually that Ben has full control of the club now. BIC:

Ben was running the Sports Club by himself now. This had a few disadvantages- the lack of brainstorming sessions, he had to do everything now, no co-lead to help out the team Ben wasn't on when they split into two teams for a game, all of those kinds of things. However, it did have one bright side - he didn't need to schedule around both the Pecari and Teppenpaw Quidditch practices for club meetings or even administrative work. He did try to vary up the times for his club meetings so people weren't always excluded; if he happened to pick a time someone was busy one week, the next week the meeting would be held on different day and time that might work better for them.

"Hey everyone!" he greeted cheerfully when it seemed he had waited long enough that people had stopped trickling into the Sports Room, which today looked like a baseball field. Not a professional one though, just a simple grass and dirt ball field that most closely resembled one of the ones at Ben's old elementary school.

"Glad you could all make it today. We'll be playing a rousing game of kickball today. For those of you who don't know it, that's a two team game that scores its points by running around four bases, like in baseball, if you know that one." They hadn't played baseball yet this year, but kickball was a good precursor to introducing it, as it was easier to kick a large ball than to whack a small one with a bat, and the outfield positions were not as clear cut as to require a specific number of people like baseball did. It at least got people used to the game mechanic of running bases anyway.

"One team is kicking and running the bases. You stat here at home plate. The pitcher will roll the ball to you. You kick it as hard and far as you can and run for first base, like this," Ben pretended to kick a ball then ran to first. "Once here," he call out in a louder voice, so they could still hear him from the greater distance, "you're safe, unless the other team caught the ball or got the ball to first before you did."

He returned so he didn't need to yell the rest of the instructions. Then the next player kicks and runs for first. The guy on first runs to second," he pointed that base out, "then third, then back her to home. If you get home, that's a point for your team. Meanwhile the other team is trying to stop runs back catching the ball before it touches the ground or getting it to a base before a runner or by tagging a runner with the ball. If you're on first, you have to run for second to make room for the kicker since only one person can be on a base at a time. If you're on second and there is nobody on first, you don't have to run if you don't think you'll make it to third ahead of the ball. If you do get to a base and you think you can reach the next one before the ball and not get tagged, go for it, but you can get out once you leave the safety of the base. After three kickers get out, teams switch places and the other team has a chance to run and score goals. Any questions?"

Once he answered all the questions about how to play, he stepped into the middle of the group splitting the players into equal halves. "You guys are fielding," he told one half. "Spread out over the field; four of you should each stand near a base so you can tag the base with the ball before a runner gets there. I'll be pitching to start."

"Everyone else," he turned to address the other team, "Line up for your turn to kick." Once everyone seemed to be in position without any further need of assistance, he picked up the kickball and headed out to the pitchers mound.

"Here goes," he warned the first kicker and rolled it toward them.

Ooc: pick whichever team you like. Ben will be yelling game-related advice to both teams to help out people who may not know what to do, so feel free to assume he shouts at you if you need nudging on how to play (or even if you don't need help, but want to get annoyed at unwelcome advice.)

    • Hurrah!Lily Spencer, Wed Apr 26 12:19
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